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Orchard School Bristol


That big step...

Transition to secondary school is one of the most important events in any child’s life, so at Orchard School Bristol we ensure that when each individual boy or girl finally arrives with us in Year 7, they will already be very familiar with the school, its surroundings and its people.

Pupils moving up

Our transition programme is recognised for its excellence. Each year it is tailor made to meet the individual and collective needs of the children joining us. It includes numerous activities throughout the year, including a full induction day in June. For students who may need more support because they have specific needs or they are new to the area, we provide an additional supportive programme to ensure that they and their families know us well.


As a large secondary school we are able to use our fantastic facilities to host larger events for primary school pupils with invited artists, authors, dance teachers and using the skills of our own staff. 

Drama workshops with Year 5 pupils

Orchard School Bristol sends qualified English specialists and drama teachers to bring to life stories and topics that Year 5 pupils are studying in numerous primary schools. 

Primary Sports Festivals

Orchard School students in Years 7–10 are tasked with organising a range of sport festivals, as well as dance for local primary schools.

Our students send invites, organise each event and officiate. The aim is to increase sports participation for as many young people as possible. In addition we run football, basketball and netball events after the school day.

Primary Workshops

Throughout the year, Orchard School teachers work in collaboration with primary colleagues to offer bespoke workshops to support the primary curriculum.