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Orchard School Bristol

Tackling Extremism

Orchard School Bristol is aware of its responsibilities under Section 26 of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and the Prevent Strategy to safeguard pupils at risk of radicalisation. We do this by identifying and risk assessing individuals who may be drawn into terrorism, violent or non-violent extremism.

We provide a safe environment for our pupils to explore, understand and discuss sensitive topics, including terrorism and extremist ideology. We use the curriculum and pastoral support to educate our pupils and to enable them to challenge these ideas.

Staff are aware of the risks posed by other students and adults who may have been radicalised and the impact of radicalisation via social media.

All staff have received appropriate training and have the knowledge and confidence to identify pupils at risk of being drawn into terrorism and extremism, and challenge extremist ideals. Our IT filters are regularly reviewed in order to prevent access to terrorist and extremist materials online at school.

A few key signs to look out for if you are concerned that your child is at risk of extremism:

  • Out of character changes in dress, behaviour and peer relationships
  • Secretive behaviour
  • Showing sympathy for extremist causes
  • Glorifying violence
  • Possessing illegal or extremist literature
  • Advocating messages similar to illegal organisations such as Muslims Against Crusades or other non-proscribed extremist groups such as the English Defence League.

Tower Hamlets in London has produced some useful guidance for parents concerned about radicalisation. You can find out more here.