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How it works 

  1. Students are to use their planners to record all homework and parents can communication with teachers through planner if they want to.
  2. Students will also have homework posted on Google classrooms
  3. Students will start to bring their books home to complete homework

For queries about homework, email


Supporting with Homework 

If your child is finding homework difficult, encourage them to give it a go even if they don’t think they are getting it right. Making mistakes often leads to better understanding.

If they are getting very upset, tell them to stop. Attempting to carry on will only increase anxiety. Please write a note or email the class teacher to ensure that they can support them with this piece of work.

Skipping homework should not become a regular event. Please be aware that children can be very good at finding excuses that might have been true, yet if you hear the same excuse regularly you may wish to question them!

For some useful resources to support your child with their homework, check out the relevant subject area on our curriculum pages.

Homework Club

Homework club is running daily in the CLC during lunchtimes.  After school homework club is being re-launched at the start of term 2 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school in the CLC computer room.