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Orchard School Bristol


In September 2016 we introduced a new behaviour policy at Orchard School Bristol.

The policy is called “Ready to Learn” (RTL) and it focuses on ensuring EVERY child is able to learn in EVERY lesson, without disruption. We want to protect valuable learning time and ensure students stay focused in the classroom, so they can make maximum progress.

In the RTL system, we aim to:

  • Eliminate disruptive behaviour
  • Ensure that students understand acceptable behaviour
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their actions;
  • And enable staff to deliver engaging, creative and enjoyable lessons

Students are required to follow five simple rules. When these are followed, everyone has the best possible chance to learn:

  • Follow instructions promptly
  • Remain on task
  • Listen when others are speaking
  • Speak appropriately
  • Be on time

We have a 4 point system for every lesson.  All students enter the classroom on point “2” which indicates Good behaviour, as we expect all of our students to be at least “good” in each lesson.

If students perform exceptionally well all lesson, then the teacher will award a “1” – a celebration of their hard work and effort, brilliant contributions or dedication.

If students do not follow one of the four rules, a warning is given by the classroom teacher. This is called a “3”.

Should the disruptive behaviour continue, a “4” is issued.  The student is removed from their classroom to spend a full school day in the RTL room. Here, the student is provided with appropriate work, and parents or carers are informed.

The RTL room runs for an hour after the end of the school day, meaning any student sent there needs to remain in school until 4pm. Students have lunch at a different time from other students.

If the student refuses to go to RTL or continues to misbehave, the student receives a one day Fixed Term Exclusion, and the student - together with parents/carers - needs to attend a reintegration meeting before starting back at school.

Students who are absent on a day when they are scheduled to be in the RTL room have to complete the sanction when they return.

Our Inclusion team take into account students who may have special educational needs or disabilities. We have a “Thrive” room which caters for a small number of students who may need an alternative approach to support their emotional and social development, until they are able to manage Ready To Learn in full.

Celebrating success

Our behaviour system is not just about avoiding low level disruption, it is also about celebrating fantastic behaviour and attitudes to learning. The vast majority of our students receive 2s or above every lesson.  When students demonstrate such consistently positive attitudes to learning, we celebrate these through messages home, end of term certificates, celebrations in House/year group assemblies, reward trips and events and Prize Giving at the end of the year. 


Ready to Learn has been regularly reviewed for impact on behaviour. Student, staff and parent voice indicate this approach has been overwhelmingly positive. From June 2018 we are trialling extending the policy to include being “on time” to lessons. Students have 4 minutes to move from one lesson to the next, and all lessons are expected to start promptly. If students arrive late, they start the lesson on a “3” – a warning, as other students have been disrupted and are unable to remain on task. We will continue to monitor this addition to the policy.

Our behaviour policy, which includes information about exclusions, and our anti-bullying strategy can be found on our Policies page.