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Orchard School Bristol

Parents' Evenings



Watch our video to help you through the booking system and also guide you to what happens on the evening itself.

Parents' Evening dates for 2019-20 can be found, here

To help make parents evenings run more smoothly we are making a few changes.

Parents should book their meetings for parents evenings rather than students booking appointments at school.  You can book your appointments on your phone or a computer at  Full instructions on how to book can be followed here.

We will let you know via our termly newsletter (you can subscribe, here) and an e-mail when the booking system is open.  This will normally be 10 days prior to the evening.  Early booking is highly recommended to enable you to get the appointment times that work for you.

We have simplified the login process ... no passwords will be required.  You will simply need to give your child’s name and date of birth.  Enter your e-mail address to get confirmation of your appointments.

Appointments with teachers are 5 minutes long.  Teachers have appointments back to back so to ensure that they can keep to time they will only be able to see you if you have an appointment and arrive on time.  They will be using an alarm to keep to appointment times and will need to move to the next appointment when this sounds.  We will set up your appointments with a short break between slots to enable you to move from one appointment to the next.

Helen Howard will be in reception to help with making any changes you may require but on the evening spaces will be limited. 

If you are having problems with booking please phone the school on 0117 377 2000 and ask for Jill Noyes or Helen Howard who will talk you through how to book.

Each parents evening you will receive a pack containing: your child’s report, a map showing where all the teachers are located, a contact sheet to check and update your contact details and a feedback form which can be used to request further information or ask any questions that you did not have time to ask.

Feedback about parents' evenings or any other issues is always gratefully received.  Please send this to