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Orchard School Bristol

Parent-to-Parent Support

Orchard Parents' Forum is a strong network of parents who attend termly meetings at the school and make suggestions for how we can serve our community. We welcome parents to get involved - whether you are new to the school or have had children here for years, all are welcome!

New Year 7 Parent-to-Parent Support

We have a group of parents who are willing to offer support to parents of our incoming Year 7 cohort during this very different transition period. We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused anxiety and worry for the students and families in the current Year 6. These Orchard parents are willing to take questions and offer help and advice to any new parents. Please note that this is not for urgent queries - if you need urgent help or advice about school, please phone the school on 01173772000.

How to make contact:

Below, we give a short profile of parents who are willing to offer support. You can choose which parent you wish to contact. You can email and make it clear which parent you would like to contact. We will then pass on your details to the parent, who will make contact with you.

Parents' names: Martin and Antonia

Year group of child currently at Orchard: Year 10 (and another child has left and is now Year 13)

Languages Spoken: English and Yoruba

Martin and Antonia say: "Two of our girls have attended Orchard and we have represented the school at internal and external events so we have a good idea on  answers to most parents queries. We are here to answer your questions, reassure you and assist with suggestions."

Parent's name: Linda Smiles

Year group of child currently at Orchard: Year 8

Languages Spoken: English

Linda says: "I’m happy to answer any questions or queries you may have as a parent, to help you gather as much information as necessary. Please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you."

Parent's name: Enas Elmansuri

Year group of child currently at Orchard: Year 9

Languages Spoken: English and Arabic

Enas says: "My family and I have been part of Orchard for several years and we are proud of that. We have always found that Orchard has a friendly, welcoming and diverse atmosphere especially during transition from primary school. It is normal to have concerns and worries about such an important phase of our children’s life. However, the strong leadership and the nurturing environment has made it easier for my son to settle. Channels are always open with the school and support is provided whenever is needed from a very experienced and caring team. I like the innovative, engaging and individualised teaching which is reflected clearly on his excellent progress. I also love the range and the quality of activities provided by both in school and after school clubs that suit every taste. What I like the most is the Orchard Values which help my son develop his personality as an individual and understand his place in creating a positive society of tomorrow. I am happy to say that I have a happy child in such a fantastic school."

Parent's name: Jasmin Khan

Year group of child currently at Orchard: Year 9

Languages Spoken: English and Bengali

Jasmin says: "Hello everyone my name is Jasmin. I am a mother of six children, of whom all have attended Orchard. My son will be starting Year 7 in September at Orchard. I have good communication with this school. My children have all moved on to further education and have had good experiences at Orchard. One of my sons has become an optometrist and another son is a teacher of Islamic studies.

I love helping others and really compassionate about how as a community we can share our experiences and goals. Please feel free to share your concerns and queries. Thank you and I look forward to our interaction."

Parent's name: Zoe Hawkey

Year group of child currently at Orchard: Year 7

Languages Spoken: English

Zoe says: ' My name is Zoe Hawkey and I have a son going into Year 8 in September. He went to Filton Avenue Primary and Orchard was our first option for a secondary school.  I had concerns before he started like any parent does, he is shy and a little anxious but I spoke to the school and explained everything and they could not have been more helpful. We've had questions or needed to get in touch at times, which is natural, but there has always been a member of staff to help. My family have been completely supported by them and he is very happy at Orchard. I am happy to help anybody who would like advice or support.'

Parent's name: Anna Wenham

Year group of child currently at Orchard: Year 8

Languages Spoken: English

Anna says: "Hello, my name is Anna and I have a 14 year old son in year 9 at Orchard. I also have an older son and daughter, now both in their twenties, who went to Fairfield High School. I can remember the stress of all three of their transitions into secondary school, it is a very anxious time for parents and children alike.

My son was the only child to come to OSB from his primary school (Brunel Fields). This was thoughtfully considered when it came to placing him in his tutor group etc. Communication, organisation and reassurance from the school during this time was excellent. Happily he settled quickly and has gone on to thrive at Orchard.

Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help with your concerns."

Video Link

Some of the members of the Orchard Parents' Forum have offered some advice on this video - they give a little bit of information about the school from a parent's perspective and also offer advice for new parents.