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Orchard School Bristol

Homework Quizzing


Programme (click on picture to navigate to homepage)




All subjects

Google classroom is the central hub used for online homework resources.  Your child will receive links to quizzes through google classroom.  They may also receive homework direct on here.




Quizzes are designed for the appropriate content your child is studying. The quizzes are designed to help your child learn and correct their mistakes.



All subjects

Your child will receive quizzes to help improve subject specific vocabulary.


Your child will also receive low stakes quizzes to support learning in many different subjects.


Quizzes and learning resources for the Maths department.



Quizzes and learning resources for the English department.

All subjects

(Year 10 and 11 focused)

A fantastic resource for information, videos and quizzes.

All homework should be recorded in your child’s planners, please check them regularly to ensure your child is keeping on top of their work.  A majority of homework will be set through the online platforms through low stakes quizzes.  Research has shown that frequent quizzing is one of the most effective methods in learning, so please support your child by giving them time and space to be able to use these online platforms.


Your child will have all log in details in their planners.