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Orchard School Bristol

FAQs from Year 6 Students

Here are some answers to some common questions from Year 6 students. We hope they're helpful. We're adding more every day.

Will we go to different classrooms for lessons or do our teachers come to us?

At Orchard, and most secondary schools, students move to a different room for each lesson.

Orchard looks so big! How will I know where to go?

On your first day at Orchard, you’ll be given a timetable. This timetable will tell you what subject you have at each time, the room number, and the initials of your teacher. As part of your first morning at Orchard, your tutor will spend time helping you to understand your timetable.

We will also take you on a tour of the building and show you how the room numbers work. It’s very simple!

L = Lower floor

G = Ground floor

F = First floor

Each room also has a number on it and the rooms go in order. So, ‘G3’ is on the ground floor and it’s the third room along.

It will all make sense once you get to us. You’ll know your way around the building better than anybody in a few weeks!

Will I get in trouble if I get lost?

No. We will show you strategies to help you find your way so we’re really confident that you will know your way around Orchard really soon!

You will notice that the teachers at Orchard stand at the classroom doors during each lesson changeover. There is always an adult nearby if you can’t find your way.

We will also encourage you to ask the older Orchard students if you’re lost. They will always be willing to help you – and one day, you’ll be one of the older ones who is helping the new Year 7 students!

Of course, you’ll know from our behaviour guidelines that you are not allowed to be late to lessons, but this doesn’t apply to our new Year 7 students in the first few weeks. We want you to feel safe, welcome and happy at school.

Is the work really hard compared to primary school?

Do you remember moving from Year 4 into Year 5, or from Year 5 into Year 6? We think the step-up into Year 7 is similar. Most of our students say that the work feels quite different, rather than too hard. We’ll be teaching you to undertake independent research and to think in different ways about interesting and challenging topics. We will help you with this every step of the way!

The end of my Year 6 was really different because  of Covid-19 (‘coronavirus’). What is Orchard going to be like in September?

We’re sorry to say that we’re not sure yet either.

Everything we do is based on guidance from the government and nobody is quite sure what September will look like yet.

One thing we can promise you is that we’ll let you know as soon as we know, and also that we will keep you and your wellbeing at the centre of all our decisions.

I’m really worried about not knowing anything about the new subjects at secondary school. I’m really worried about French, Spanish and Science!

We know that some of you won’t have studied the same subjects at primary school as you will at secondary school. Your lessons will be planned by expert teachers who understand your starting points. This applies to learning new languages and getting in the science lab! It’s an exciting time for you and we are very clear that some of you are starting from scratch in some subjects.

I didn’t do SATs because of Covid-19. How will you know what I’m good at and the areas where I need to improve?

SATs results are just one way that we get to understand what you’re good at! We would never make any big decisions based on these alone, anyway.

We have heard from all of your primary school teachers about your strengths and it feels like we’re getting to know you already from reading their lovely comments!

We will also run some straightforward assessments early in Year 7 to see how you’re getting on. We do these every year and they give us a great picture of where you might need more help and what you’re really good at. We’ll give you plenty of notice about these and help you to understand what they will involve.  

What clubs are there at Orchard?

The short answer is – ‘loads’!

As well as sports teams and lunchtime clubs, we also offer enrichment every week as part of the school day. The best way to find out more about it is by clicking here (

We will be asking you to choose your first enrichment soon so look out for that announcement!