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Orchard School Bristol

CoMMinS Study - March 2021

We are very excited to offer children in all year groups the opportunity to take part in a scientific study and receive a regular Covid check in school.

Your child/children have heard about this in tutor time this week, and if you would like them to take part, please sign up and complete the consent form by clicking the link below, by 16th March 2021:

SIGN UP here

The study was on the news recently and is called the COMMINS study, run by the University of Bristol.  The study is now open to all students from all year groups, and the whole staff body are also eligible to take part. We are very lucky that our school has been selected to take part in this study. 

The ‘test’ is a saliva (spit) sample into a tube once a month.  Results are shared directly with you, the parent/carer, and the school is only informed if there is a positive case found.  Please ensure when you complete the consent, you go right through to the last pages where you give your contact details. 

You can click these links below to read the following documents:

Quick Read in English about the study or alternatively the Full Parent Information Sheet in English

This is an information sheet for students.

Quick Read in Portuguese

Quick Read in Polish

Quick Read in Arabic

Quick Read in Somali

Quick Read in Romanian

We hope you will be excited by this opportunity for your child to have a quick, regular and simple Covid check, and to contribute to a very important scientific study.

Please use the SIGN UP link above by the Tuesday 16th March 2021 deadline if you wish your child to take part.

Additional information

You can click here to access the assent form, which is for information only.

You can click here to access the consent form, which is also for information only.

Although these two sheets include tick boxes and require signatures, you can use the online link at the top of the page to sign up instead.