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Orchard School Bristol

Student article on climate change published

Published on 29/11/19

Publication distributed across UK

Two Orchard students have been published in “Critical Muslim” a publication from the Muslim Institute in London which showcases ground-breaking thinking and ideas on Islam, and is distributed across the UK and beyond.  Their article focuses on the impact of climate change and we wanted to share part of it.  

Congratulations to Mohamed A and Fareha R. in Year 11.  

Fareha said, "Mohamed and I got involved to make an active effort to help bring awareness to the current situation the world is in. We wanted to discuss the realities of climate change and why we must act now."

Their article starts with:

This is an emergency. Time is running out and everything you know, everyone you love is at risk. Because we are a family, we are humankind: interconnected, culpable and with the power to affect change... 

And ends as follows:
‘The biggest concern we have is the end result of climate change. The severity of the impact will be unfathomable. One must understand we currently live in a world in which overpopulation is an issue and there is an inaptitude to adequately provide for those vulnerable and less fortunate. The collapse of our economy may fall upon us, as climate change will exacerbate health problems that already pose a major burden to vulnerable populations, it will affect food security and there will be tremendous displacement of people.  We currently have the chance to prevent natural disasters from becoming more extreme, but we aren't doing anything about it. The cost of prevention is nothing in comparison to the cost of fixing the damage. Some forms of damage, like a life, are irredeemable.’

If you want to read more, the article can be purchased at: