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Orchard School Bristol

Orchard trio set for Oxbridge summer

Published on 28/06/19

Interview with Maryam, Mohamed and Rachel

Mohamed, Maryam and Rachel

This summer, three of our students from Years 10 and 11 will be attending summer programmes Oxford and Cambridge universities to give them a taste for their possible higher education futures.

Mohamed Aidid and Rachel Binu from Year 10, along with Maryam Tariq from Year 11, will visit the Oxbridge colleges, two of the finest and longest established universities in the world.

Dan Pitt, Assistant Headteacher, said “A number of Orchard students applied to be part of these programmes and they were up against thousands of other young people from around the UK. We are very proud of Maryam, Mohamed and Rachel for this achievement.  These experiences are great for the students and we hope it shows that our young people can be their very best possible selves.”

We have been asking them about their future and what they hope to get out of the Oxbridge experience:

Tell us about your immediate plans

Maryam: I am going to go on to study Chemistry, English Literature and Politics at A level

Rachel: After my GCSEs next year, I want to do A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Sixth Form.

Mohamed: I am in Year 10 and once I leave Orchard I would like to go on to sixth form to study Chemistry, Biology, Sociology and English Literature.

What is your aim for university?

Maryam: I'm currently aiming for Oxford or Cambridge to study Law,

Rachel: Hopefully University of Bristol or any Russell Group university to study for a medicine degree.

Mohamed: I would like to study medicine at university and I would love to go to Oxford.

Why will the Oxbridge summer programme be important and how do you feel about taking part in this?

Maryam: I believe it will allow me to enhance my skills, as well as give me the opportunity to meet new people and help build their key qualities and my own future.

For me, high school has helped me interact with different people, motivate me for a brighter future, and change for the better.  I view this opportunity as an excellent opportunity to further show my commitment, capability and build harmonious relationships with students.

This would undoubtedly be a challenging and demanding journey, however, I feel Cambridge will further fill me with what I need to know about university life and help prepare me for the future.

Rachel: It will be good on my CV,  and help me experience life of a student in University It is also an opportunity to stretch beyond the school academics and socialise with various people. I feel excited and feel like I am more determined than ever.

Mohamed: I am ecstatic that I am taking part in this programme. I think that attending the Oxford Summer school is really important because I, like many others attending, are a new breath of fresh air to the stereotypically elitist institution of Oxford.