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Orchard School Bristol

Workshop adds up to success for GCSE maths girls

Published on 04/02/19

Could you answer this puzzle?

This is the kind of tough maths question which will be the difference between a 9 (highest grade) and an 8 in this year’s GCSE exam.

And eight girls from Orchard who are hoping to achieve well this summer were put through their paces at a special workshop this month.

They joined other girls from Bridge Learning Campus to work with staff and llearn the techniques which will help them solve the hardest questions.

Miss Hardy and Mr Busby took them to south Bristol for the workshop and were delighted with the girls’ efforts.

Miss Hardy said: “This day was all about building their confidence ahead of the exam in the summer. It was for some of our highest achievers and getting tough questions right will be the difference between a good result and an excellent result. We were delighted with their efforts.”


The answer? 8,600mm2

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