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Orchard School Bristol

Science roadshow goes with a bang!

Published on 21/12/18

Y7 and Y8 enjoy entertaining look at science


The amazing world of science arrived with a bang at Orchard School this month.

David Richardson of the Institute of Physics and Clifton College brought his exciting and hands-on ‘Ever Wondered Why?’ show to the school for Years 7 and 8.

The students were enthralled as he demonstrated the almost unimaginable number of molecules in a glass of water and had everyone amazed by a demonstration of how the brain interprets visual illusions.

This was just the beginning of a breakneck tour of science and included a look at:

·       The sheer scale of the universe and the distances of planets from Earth.

·       How combustion is used for rockets

·       Creation of a mini flame tornado

·       Generating smoke rings with airzookas of different sizes.

·       The amazing effects of liquid nitrogen

There was also a shock when he exploded a hydrogen balloon, creating a massive bang in the hall.

The session was a chance for students to think about how science works in the world around them, in a fun and interactive way.

Head of Science Faculty Miss Fields said: “David has a real gift for communicating difficult scientific concepts in a way which is immediately understandable and also fun.

“We want to be producing new generations of scientists and a life-long love of the subject begins with curiosity, which David certainly encouraged amongst both year groups.”