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Orchard School Bristol

Saving lives in Syria, one cake at a time

Published on 12/06/18

Fareha is proving that helping to save lives in Syria is a piece of cake! 

Since the start of Ramadan – a month when Muslims fast from dusk until dawn – the Year 9 student has been busy selling delicious chocolate fudge cakes to friends and family, as well as Orchard School staff, to raise money for the Cake Campaign.

Fareha has raised £430 in total for the campaign, with proceeds going to Islamic Relief's Syria Appeal which supports victims of the Syrian conflict. 

Fareha said: “I have been selling these cakes now for three years ... I started because my brother and cousin were involved and I wanted to make a difference. To date, I have raised over £600.

“I’m hoping that by selling these cakes, I am raising awareness about the current state of Syria – it is in a terrible way, but the proceeds from these cakes will help provide the victims there with much needed aid and support.”  

Each cake has 14 slices and can be shared among families when they break their fast during Ramadan.  

The campaign was launched five years ago in response to the Syrian conflict. It has since delivered over 100,000 cakes and raised over half a million pounds towards Islamic Relief’s Syria Appeal.

Islamic Relief has delivered more than £185 million worth of aid inside Syria and in neighbouring countries.