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Orchard School Bristol

Cracking! Egg experiment inspires engineers of the future

Published on 11/05/18

Students had a blast this week when EDF Energy visited our school to talk about nuclear power and career opportunities. 

The day began with Year 8s learning about the careers available at EDF and then culminated in students creating their own vehicles, to be fired off a ramp while encasing a hard boiled egg. 

The two winning teams then went head to head to relaunch their vehicles - but this time, with an uncooked egg inside. 

Launching theirs the furthest, without breaking the egg, was the girls' team. 

The activity aimed to demonstrate the process behind carrying delicate materials safely.

It allowed our students to creatively experiment with design, taking into account the science needed to land the egg without breaking it. 

Caroline, who was part of the winning group, said: "I found this day useful because it taught me new skills in engineering and I was able to apply the knowledge I have already gained from science lessons."

Simon Kettle, director of STEMWorks who delivered the session, said: "EDF Energy were delighted to work with the students at the Orchard School and tell them about the career opportunities at the new power station being built at Hinkley Point C.

"Working in teams students were able to use their problem solving and science skills while making their compressed air powered vehicles. The day was great fun."

Cllr Anna Keen, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: "Our Bristol WORKS scheme aims to equip future generations with the passion and skills needed to make positive life choices regardless of their background.

"We are delighted that EDF and STEMworks were able to visit Orchard School as part of this.

"It's been a great opportunity for students to gain access to information about careers and progression pathways that could affect their future choices. 

"I am looking forward to seeing the Bristol WORKS activity that is still to take place at Orchard School later this academic year."

More photos of the visit can be found, here

The winning team