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Orchard School Bristol

Inspiring students' career choices

Published on 20/04/18

Our younger students are feeling well and truly inspired about their futures after a successful employability day this term.

The entire Year 8 cohort was able to get a flavour for a range of jobs - from hat making to accounting - following a morning of workshops.

They also learnt essential money skills and developed their own banks during a workshop with Santander.

A speed networking session gave students the opportunity to speak with people from a range of professions, including a police officer, engineer, tree surgeon, milliner and an accountant.

They were able to ask the professionals about their jobs, what they enjoy most, and how they got into their field of work.  

Boomsatsuma, which delivers creative opportunities for young people across the South West, ran a workshop on marketing and branding, while Avon Wildlife Trust got students designing spaces for wildlife.

Year 8 students spoke enthusiastically about about the day.

Reel Mukhtar said: “It was really fun and useful.”

Chardonnay Gunter commented: “We got to find out about lots of different careers and pathways.”

Iqlaas Sheikh said: “I really hope we can do it again.”

You can view photos of the day, here