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Orchard School Bristol

Students reap benefits from literacy membership

Published on 17/04/18

The English department at OSB is proud to reiterate its commitment to advancing literacy for all students with its continuing involvement with the United Kingdom Literary Awards.

The UKLA is the only British literary organisation whose membership comes solely from the teaching profession and the only organisation who partner with schools in such an in depth way, in order to guide teachers in the most exciting classroom texts, and the most effective teaching approaches. 

Over the last three years, OSB has benefitted from hundreds of pounds worth of the latest, exciting new texts that end up making a splash in many other schools, as well as being in the position of getting our hand on many, as yet, unreleased titles.

This means we can select texts that are the best of the best for all of our students. And by having the privilege of having a member of the UKLA long listing panel on the staff, we can all be assured that our students stay ahead of the game.