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Orchard School Bristol

Celebration Friday 05/01/18

Published on 12/01/18

Every fortnight, our students share with us things they have achieved or what they have been most proud of over the past two weeks ... here's what some of them had to say!  

Paige Lovell – Starting a new dynamics dance school, and learning a new dance move called ‘dragrun’.

Yasin Ahmed – Beating City Academy in basketball.

Malyun Hassan – Achieving 78% in physics mock exam.

Kahlem Williams - Moving from ‘meeting’ to ‘working in greater depth’ in Humanities

Toby Hilton – Moving up a set in Maths.

Keelan Webb – Achieving my first win on Fortnight Battle Royale on Playstation.

Mackenzie Booy - My team St Valliers going from second to first in their league table.

Charlie Revil – Achieving the top 3 results in my PE assessment.

Hamda Dinii – Receiving my first 1 at Orchard!

Max Grant - Playing for Bristol Rugby Academy this weekend and achieving the DofE Bronze award!

Jess Simons - Competing in Cheer in Newport.

Natalie Bellamy – Achieving my DofE Bronze award!

Ellie – Achieving my DofE Bronze award!

Ivana Krovinova – Receiving a triple gold award in the celebration assembly.

Amelia Mieczkowska – Having 100% attendance and over 50 1s.

Yusra Cumar – Having 100% attendance.

Finley Britton - Being chosen to play football in enrichment (invite only).

Megan Bryant - Winning a medal in the Southmead rugby tournament.

Atif Kahn – Completing 400 questions on Hegarty Maths in 2 days.

Mahamed Eldawi – Receiving 52 RTL 1s.

Cassidy Grant-Shearn – Getting 90% in my Science test.

Abdi Osman - Being chosen to play football in enrichment (invite only).

Connor Slack – Securing a college placement

Anna Yaya – Achieving a triple gold in the celebration assembly

Dolly Davies - Winning Champions medal for slow dancing with Dynamic School of Dance.

Jaylee Appleton - Completing 'Boden Powell' with Girl Guides, which involves working your way through a set of activities for overall achievement in Girl Guiding.

Oumie – Achieving a Distinction in my business exam... the only one on the course!

Yasin – Achieving a Merit in my business exam.

Craig – Cleaning out my mum's car engine and getting it working again!

Stanley – Learning ‘Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones on the guitar.

Emily – Doing well in my Spanish writing mock exam.

Lemuel – Doing well in my science test.

Reuben – Showing good initiative in art.

Callie - Looking at how to improve my art using YouTube videos.

Said - Answering questions on the maths website, totalling 7 hours in 2 weeks.

Summer - Achieving a certificate for homework in English.

Chanelle Evans – Improving my outcomes in art with Ms Williams.

Leoanard Anste - Achieving 42 1s by the Christmas holiday.

Hamzee Muhumed - Contributing to my tutor group and leading activitities in tutor.

Rebecca Cole – Being a brilliant role model in tutor and being committed to both my academic work and sporting activities.

Mac Jones – Being a budding Year 7 rugby player.

Keyara Douglas – My academic work and being a great member of our school community.

Abdi Shakuur Waberi – Contributing to tutor activities, and being a future leader in tutor and school.

Britannica Black - Taking a leadership role in tutor and leading activities every week.