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What did the Romans do for us?

Published on 19/10/17

What did the Romans do for us? This is the question that a group of Year 7s have been researching as part their Classics studies. 

Over the summer 7T1 and 7T2 researched 'what the Romans did for us' prior to beginning their Latin course.

Pupils created a variety of different materials to present what they had found in class.

Miss Wiltshire and Mr Flitter were particularly impressed by the high quality of work on show, but also the resilience pupils showed in order to present back to their classmates.

In term 2 7T1 and 7T2 will continue to focus on Classics as they take part in the Ovid project.

This is a competition organised by the University of Bristol and UWE where pupils study a range of Greek myths before producing a piece of work based on their favourite story.