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Orchard School Bristol

Orchard benefits from mindfulness

Published on 17/11/15

Staff and students at Orchard School Bristol have been benefiting from practicing the art of mindfulness.

Staff and Year 11 students at Orchard School Bristol have been practising the art of mindfulness.

The method of calmly acknowledging and accepting thoughts and feelings, while focusing on the present moment has risen in popularity over the years, and has become a useful technique to tackle stress, anxiety and depression.

The classes are being run by Miro Cansky, from Mindfulness for All, as part of an eight-week course for educational staff.

It aims to help staff and students feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled; work more effectively by bringing increased awareness to their thinking and creative process; and increase their resilience in the face of stress and difficulties.

Miro has had over eight years’ experience practising mindfulness, and holds a number of courses teaching mindfulness meditation to both groups and individuals.

Miro states on his website: “In adults, mindfulness training has been proven time and again to improve health and wellbeing.

“It also helps people to learn more effectively, think more clearly, perform better and to feel calmer.

“It is increasingly being used in business to improve staff wellbeing and satisfaction.”

Sessions have involved discussing various mindfulness techniques, and putting them into practise. Participants have also been encouraged to continue practising outside of the classes.

Listening to sounds, and being aware of the breath, bodily sensations, and habitual movements, have been some of the ways to disengage the mind from unhelpful thoughts, and bring it into the present moment.   

Those participating in the course are already beginning to benefit, with staff and students saying that their awareness has improved of the world around them, and that they are becoming better at managing stressful situations.

The training is based on the core mindfulness principles found within the course book 'Mindfulness, Finding Peace in a Frantic World', by Professor Mark Williams and Danny Penman.