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Orchard School Bristol


What’s it all about?

Within mathematics there are 5 strands:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry & Measure
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change

For each of these components we teach new skills that are centred around problem solving and can be used in real life.

Students are taught in mixed ability groups with a top set for extension at KS3. At KS4 you will be placed in classes with other students of similar ability.

You will be working towards GCSE Mathematics. We will make sure you are on track for success through short assessments throughout the term, giving you an opportunity to review and improve your work. There are extra opportunities for different maths qualifications to cater for all students needs eg Further maths GCSE.

IN BRIEF: Mathematics incorporates learning skills and applies these in the real world.

Curriculum content

Our students have 4 lessons per week of Mathematics at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.
You can click these links to view our Mathematics curriculum content overviews:
Year 7Year 8Year 9 FoundationYear 9 Higher
Year 10 FoundationYear 10 HigherYear 11 FoundationYear 11 Higher


  • Mr Niall Cullen  - Head of Department
  • Miss Sarah Davies   - Second in Department
  • Rachael Cox BSc, PGCE
  • Sophie Hampton
  • Sarah Hardy BSc (Hons)PGCE
  • Bev Jervis (Maths intervention teacher)

Useful website

  • Hegarty Maths - we subscribe to Hegarty Maths where students can log in, watch videos and take quizzes on every area of maths covered. Teachers will recommend or set topics for students to gain additional support or to stretch themselves. 

Students can login with name and DOB
Password: (Their own password)

  • Times Table Rockstar - we also subscribe to TT Rockstars which allows students to further develop their numeracy skills through competitions. All students have a personalised login for both websites so teachers can track usage. 

Login details:

School: Orchard School Bristol
Username: Child's surname and first initial (eg. JONESA)
Password: Child's surname and first initial (eg. JONESA)

Additional resources

  • Calculators, revision guides and revision cards are available to purchase through ParentPay
  • Click here for some ideas on how to help your child see the maths in everyday life. 
  • Watch our video on Orchard School Bristol's Numeracy Policy!

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