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Orchard School Bristol


What’s it all about?

At Orchard School, our Year 7 and 8 curriculum has been developed to support GCSE subject knowledge and is designed to cover all the Humanities subjects.  This is achieved by a teacher taking responsibility for all areas and rotating subject content.  This encourages interactive lessons and a greater understanding of individual students.

Students are taught in mixed ability groups with a top set in Years 7 and 8 and are formally assessed every term to ensure that they are taught according to their specific learning requirements.  Key Stage 4 students opt for Humanities subjects at GCSE.  We offer GCSEs in History and Geography.  All students take Religious Education for at least two years.

IN BRIEF: Humanities involves the following three subjects: History, Geography and Religious Education. It supports English in developing your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Curriculm content

Our students have 3 lessons per week of Humanities (History, Geography, and Religious Education) at Key Stage 3. If they have chosen to study these at Key Stage 4, they also have 3 lessons a week.
History curriculum content overviews, click links:
Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11;
Geography curriculum content overviews, click links:
Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11;
RE curriculum content overviews, click links:
Years 7 and 8 – Year 9 – Year 10Year 11.


  • Gemma Hickey, BA, PGCE Secondary Education
  • Emma Courtney, BA, PGCE Secondary Education - (Acting Head of Fculty: Humanities)
  • Peter Hurran, BA, PGCE Secondary Education
  • Fergus O'Donovan BA PCGE Secondary Education
  • Chris Daniel, BA, PGCE Secondary Education
  • Laura Taylor, BA, PGCE Secondary Education
  • Steve Murray, BA, PGCE Secondary Education

You can see what topics are studied in each subject across each year group below:


Year Curriculum content
7 An overview of British history from 1066-1600s focusing on who had power and how people lived.
8 An overview of British history from 1600-1945 focusing on who had power and how people lived.
9 Civil Rights & Paper 2: Health and the people 1000-present
10 Paper 2: Norman England 1066-1100 & Paper 1: Conflict and Tension, World War 1
11 Paper 2: Germany democracy and dictatorship 1880-1945 & Revision


Year Curriculum content
7 Geography skills
How green is our city?
Why is our world hazardous?
8 Geography skills
How fragile is our earth?
Does money make you happy?
9 Geography skills
Natural hazards
Climatic hazards
10 Living world
UK physical landscapes - rivers
UK physical landscapes - coasts
11 Urban issues
The changing economic world
Resource management

Religious Education

Year Curriculum content
7 How do different religion celebrate?
What has religion got to do with me?
8 Ethics and morality - with a focus on monotheistic religions
Ethics and morality - with a focus on polytheistic religions
9 Medical issues and religion
10 Relationships and family
War and peace
Crime and punishment
Social justice
11 Christian beliefs and teachings
Islamic beliefs and teachings

Useful websites

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