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Orchard School Bristol



What's it all about?

At OSB we aim to help students develop valuable speaking and listening skills that can be used in a variety of career roles. As Drama involves devising performances in groups, students will develop positive relationships with peers and the ability to listen, empathize and negotiate.

At GCSE, Students can play to their own strengths and take part either as an actor or a stage designer. Furthermore, as Drama is about using your voice and body to communicate it is an extremely creative subject that allows students to engender a deep sense of self esteem.

Fundamentally this is a practical subject but students are also encouraged to reflect by considering their own work and critique professional performances.

Curriculum content

Our students have 2 lessons per week of Performing Arts (Music and Drama) at Key Stage 3.
If they have chosen to study Music or Drama at Key Stage 4, they have 3 lessons a week.
You can click these links to view our Performing Arts curriculum content overviews:
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Year 11 Drama

Miss Florence Wood - Second in Performing Arts: Drama