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Orchard School Bristol

Behaviour Expectations & Commitment to Achievement

Commitment to Achievement 

We are committed to working alongside children/young people and their parents/carers in order to support each student to achieve their best.

Our Commitment to Achievement can be found here


We have high expectations of student behaviour and attitude to learning.   Please see our Expectations here

Ready to Learn 

In September 2016 we introduced a new behaviour policy at Orchard School Bristol called "Ready to Learn".   This focuses on ensuring EVERY child is able to learn in EVERY lesson, without disruption. We want to protect valuable learning time and ensure students stay focused in the classroom, so they  make maximum progress.

 Students are required to follow five simple rules. When these are followed, everyone has the best possible chance to learn:Within every lesson and tutor time we have a 4 point system:

  • Start with a 2   All students enter the classroom on point “2” which indicates Good behaviour, as we expect all of our students to be at least “good” in each lesson.
  • Gain a 1  If students perform exceptionally well all lesson, then the teacher will award a “1” – a celebration of their hard work and effort, brilliant contributions or dedication. 1s add up to House Points, certificates and prizes.
  • Warning = 3  If students do not follow one of the rules, a warning is given by the classroom teacher. This is called a “3”.
  • Second incident = 4  Should the disruptive behaviour continue, a “4” is issued.  The student is removed from their classroom to spend a full school day in independent study. Here, the student is supervised to complete their work independently and parents or carers are informed. Students also spend one hour after school reflecting on their behaviour and repairing relationships ready to go back into lessons again.

 Our Inclusion team take into account students who may have special educational needs or disabilities, or those for whom a full day may be too long.= to work independently.

We have reviewed our Ready to Learn regularly and have found that students really appreciate having focused lessons without low level disruption, parents are supportive, teachers enjoy being able to teach more creative lessons and can cover more content in each lesson without needing to pick up behaviour concerns.  Visitors who walk around our building during a school day always comment on the excellent behaviour on classes and how calm and focused lessons are.

 Celebrating success

Our behaviour system is not just about avoiding low level disruption, it is also about celebrating fantastic behaviour and attitudes to learning. The vast majority of our students receive 2s or above every lesson.  When students demonstrate such consistently positive attitudes to learning, we celebrate these through messages home, end of term certificates, celebrations in House/year group assemblies, reward trips and events and Prize Giving at the end of the year. We put all of this in a Diamond for students to refer to:

 Mobile Phones

 We do not permit students to use mobile phones at school. If students require mobile phones for their journey to and from school, then they must keep them safely in their bags or lockers and out of sight during the day. Mobile phones seen out will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day (for first occurrence) or returned when a parent/carer collects them from Reception  (if seen a second or subsequent time).