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Parent Zone

This part of the website is where we put links for parents and carers to access the most recent guidance and information. 

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 Information Evening Presentations


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 YEAR 10

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  YEAR 11

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 After School Club Timetable

Sport and Health Monday Tuesday (Prep) Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School (7:45am - 8:15am)  

Basketball For Breakfast – Skills

ALL Years, Sports Hall

Lunch - Yr. 7 & 10 (11.55am – 12:35pm) Year 10 Basketball Sports Hall


Sports Hall


Sports Hall

Year 7 Basketball Boys & Girls

Sports Hall

Badminton Sports Hall
Lunch - Yr. 8,9 & 11(12:45pm – 1:25) Year 8 & 9 Basketball Sports Hall


Sports Hall


Sports Hall

Year 11 Basketball

Sports Hall

Badminton Sports Hall
After school  

Sport Science – Prep

Health & Social – Prep 

KS4 Basketball Academy - Boys & Girls

Sports Hall

KS3 Basketball Academy - Boys & Girls

Sports Hall

Dance & Gymnastics Academy – All Years

Sports Hall


Badminton - All Years

Sports Hall

Boys Rugby - Yr. 9

Playing Fields

Girls Football -All Years


Girls Cricket with Gloucester Cricket Foundation – All Years

Sports Hall/ Astro


Boys Rugby - Yr. 7&8

Playing Fields

  Girls Netball (Yr.8) Outside Courts   

Girls Netball - Yr.7

Outside Courts








Lunch (Yr. 7 & 10) (11.55am – 12:35pm)


Year 7 Lunchtime Art club, G4

Year 10 Open studio

3-4pm, G4



Lunch (Yr. 8,9,11)

(12:45pm – 1:25)

Year 11 Open studio, G5




KS3 Lunchtime Drawing class G4

Science - After School



Science Club

3-4pm , F15



English - After School




UKLA/Carnegie Award Shadowing Club

3-4.00pm, Library

Dungeons and Dragons

3:10-4.00pm, G28


Creative Writing Club

3-4.00pm, G29




Performing Arts – After School


Whole school Production- Annie

3- 4PM Assembly hall

Yr7,8,9 and 10








French Homework Club

3-4pm, F11




Understanding School Reports 

Progress Reporting for KS3 Students (Years 7-9): A Parent’s Guide

What will I see on my son/daughter’s report?

For each subject, you will see a grey and a black bar. The grey bars show the attainment band that a student has been assigned for each subject, based on their performance in their SATS tests at primary school. The further this bar is to the right, the higher their SATS scores were. When a student starts their GCSE courses in Year 10, this information will be used to form their target grades.

 The black bars show a student’s progress in each subject, based on teachers’ observations and students’ performance in assessments.

  •  If the black bar is in line with the middle or upper end of the grey bar, then we are pleased with your son/daughter’s progress in that subject. They are making good or excellent progress.
  •  If the black bar is in line with the lower end of the grey bar or below, then we have concerns about your son/daughter’s progress in that subject. They are coasting, or making unsatisfactory progress.

You are progressing at an excellent rate in this subject.

Well done, you are doing really well - keep this up!


You have progressed well since your last report.

You are doing well - keep working hard!


You have made some progress in this subject since the last report but you are at risk of falling behind where you could be.

You need to work hard to keep up.


There has been a drop in your progress and you have fallen considerably behind where you could be in this subject.

You urgently need to catch up.

What does the ‘Attitude to Learning’ grade mean?

For each subject, your son/daughter will be given an ‘Attitude to Learning’ grade: excellent, good, coasting or unsatisfactory. An excellent attitude to learning involves consistently working with a high level of effort in class and for homework, being very well organised and equipped for learning, participating fully in classroom discussions, having a consistently high level of motivation and often going above and beyond expectations to ensure exceptional standards of learning.


You always participate well in class and complete all work to exceptional standards. Keep this up!


You participate well in class and complete your work to a generally good standard.

Keep working hard!


You sometimes participate well in class and meet some but not all expectations for you.

You should put more consistently good effort into this subject.


You do not participate well enough in class and do not complete your work to a high standard.

You need to make a considerable change to your effort in this subject.


School Closure Guidelines 

Orchard School shall make every effort to remain open even when numbers of pupils and staff present are less than normal. We only close the school for extreme circumstances and do our best to notify parents and carers as soon as possible.

In the event that we need to close the school, parents and carers can use the following resources to find out information:

  • Our school website - a prominent information banner will be displayed on the home page of this website.
  • Tune in to Radio Bristol 94.9fm, 104.6fm and Heart Radio 96.3fm
  • Bristol City Council website - Bristol city council have a schools closure page which you can refer to for up to date information.

Assume school is open unless one or more of the resources above confirms we are closed.

Parent Courses 

BCC and South Glos Parent Carer Forum Training Courses

Bristol Parent Carers in conjunction with South Glos Parent Carer Forums are running courses for Parents and Carers who are on the waiting list for autism assessment. 

All of the courses are free to attend but do need to be booked in advance via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/bristol-n-somerset-and-s-glos-parent-carer-forums-41027867683

Further information can be obtained by emailing info@bristolparentcarers.org.uk

Bristol City Council - Careers Development

future me a5 final 1 .pdf

Southern Brooks - Making small changes to improve wellbeing

One You - https://oneyou.southglos.gov.uk/stress-less/emotional-wellbeing-support/ 

Support for Parents

Bristol Safeguarding Support for Bristol Residents

Samaritans Booklet for Parents and Carers

Samaritans Booklet for Students

  • Bristol City Council offer resources to support parents. A list of helpful organisations and how to contact them for support can be found on their Support for Parents page.
  • NSPCC offers a range of advice and information for parents on their Support for Parents page
  • North Bristol Advice Centre are Debt and Welfare Benefit specialists. A poster with more information can be found here: NBAC Services April 2021

Websites to Guide Children and Parents for Support Outside of School Hours


Parent Tips and Wellbeing

Schools Support Groups


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sss parent and carer groups jan 2022.pdf


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