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Orchard School Bristol

Making Appointments

If you wish to talk to a member of staff, we ask all parents and carers to make an appointment in advance.  This is because staff are teaching, on duties and in meetings during the day, and it is very unlikely they are available if you turn up at Reception expecting to see someone. 

To make an appointment, please contact our Reception on 0117 377 2000, or email directly the member of staff (for example the Head of Year).  Meetings can be arranged on site, or virtually (by phone).  Pastoral Managers may be able to arrange Home Visits too, if necessary.

Who do I make an appointment with?

We ask all parents and carers to contact their child's tutor for general concerns.  Parents usually email their child's tutor to ask questions and resolve any problems, for example questions about attendance, Planners, or homework. You can find a full list of tutor emails on our Heads of Year and Tutor Teams (Parents & Carers menu tab) page.

After that, if you need more detailed advice or you wish to have a meeting, then we ask you in the first instance to contact either the Head of Year or Pastoral Manager, as follows:

  • For pastoral concerns (such as being unhappy, mental health worries, uniform, problems your child is facing at home)- please contact your child's Pastoral Manager. 
  • For academic concerns (for example worries about your child's progress) - please contact your child's Head of Year.

A full list of contact information for Year Teams can be found here: Heads of Year and Tutor Teams (Parents & Carers menu tab)