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Orchard School Bristol

  • YEAR 9 - 07 April 2022 - Relationships and Sex Education


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    April 2022


    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Every year we write to you to let you know about our Relationships and Sex Education curriculum. This programme of study is an essential part of the curriculum and we deliver most of it through tutor time with age-appropriate resources and an opportunity for discussion with the tutor and tutor group.

    We follow a national personal, social and health education scheme which is called Jigsaw. Jigsaw has been designed to meet the requirements outlined in the Department for Education’s Statutory Guidance and has been recommended for use by Bristol Local Authority.

    I am writing to inform you that during term 5 (25th April – 27th May) your child’s tutor will be delivering age-appropriate relationships/sex education as part of our tutor programme. This will be delivered very sensitively. Children can just listen, and no one will be asked to speak or contribute if they are uncomfortable.

    All students should be present and listen to the important information and messages delivered. You can see details of the programme on the next page. 

    Can I withdraw my child from this curriculum?

                    - The new Statutory Guidance referred to above makes it clear that students cannot be withdrawn from relationships education.

                    -  Students cannot be withdrawn from sex education delivered through the Science curriculum (for example as part of the Key Stage 3 or GCSE Science curriculum).

                    -  Students can be withdrawn from Sex Education (S) delivered during the PSHE/tutor time programme. To withdraw students, you need to seek permission as per our RSHE Policy. Please talk to me about this first of all.

    We hope you are pleased that we will be delivering this very important curriculum to each year group. Please contact me, as your Head of Year, if you have any concerns about this.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr F. O’ Donovan, Head of Year 9


    Year 9
    Power in relationships - features of a positive and stable relationship;  where the balance is wrong - control, coercion and manipulation R

    Assertiveness and saying no; understanding consent


    Challenging stereotypes of ‘ideal’ males and females; the false impression of pornography (no images shown); what the law says about sex 


    Contraception – different methods; informed choices; how to access advice and information about sexual health


    Consequences of unprotected sex; sexually transmitted infections; sexual health clinics; how to access help and support