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  • YEAR 7 - 03 May 2022 - Language Choice for Year 8


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    April 2022

    Dear Parents and Carers

    Language Choice in Year 8

    Your child has had the opportunity to study both French and Spanish in their MFL lessons during Year 7. We are now offering students the chance to choose which language they would like to take forward into Year 8 and beyond.

    This is an important decision for your child as the language that they choose now will be the one they will continue to study throughout the rest of their time at Orchard School, and through to GCSE.

    It is essential therefore that students think carefully about this. When making this decision your child might want to consider:

       - their enjoyment of learning the language

       - in which language they feel they have been most successful in learning the sounds, vocabulary, and grammar studied

       - which language they might be most likely to practice outside lessons in future, for example on holidays or through talking to relatives and friends

       - whether there are more French- or Spanish - speaking countries that they would like to visit in future

    We strongly advise against basing decisions on the teacher or teachers that your child has worked with so far, or what they think their friends might do.

    Please complete the form LANGUAGE CHOICE FORM to tell us your child’s choice by Friday 6 May. Although we cannot guarantee to meet everyone’s first choice, we will do our best!


    With best wishes

    Claire Jones

    Head of Faculty Modern Foreign Languages