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YEAR 11 - 29 November 2021 - Exams and Assessments


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29 November 2021


Dear Parents and Carers

Year 11 Exams and Assessments

You may have seen the recent news about plans the government has put in place for next year’s GCSE and vocational examinations.

Plan A

The current situation is that exams will take place as normal in May and June 2022 and that grades are based on those exams and any associated coursework.

Plan B

The government have also put in place a contingency ‘Plan B’ in case exams are, again, affected by the Covid pandemic. The Plan B arrangements are there in order that fair, teacher assessed grades can be awarded just in case the exams cannot go ahead.

Plan B Assessments

These assessments are due to take place at the following times:

At the end of this term - from 1 December onwards

At the start of next term – we already have planned mock exams from the 17 January which will be the contribution to this assessment

At the start of term 5

 The assessments will be short, class-based questions, for which the students will have clear preparation time. The assessed material will be from a part of the course they have recently studied or revisited and will assess a range of skills and knowledge from each course. The government has determined that the assessments should be under normal exam conditions, with access arrangements in place for all those who need them.

 Plan B Marking and Grading

We will carefully mark and grade all of the assessments and students will be informed of the grade they have on each paper. The grade given does not constitute a final Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG). If students miss an assessment, the guidelines dictate that they sit another, similar, assessment that will contain a different series of questions.

 Plan B Special Consideration

Special consideration applies to these assessments as they would in the summer GCSE exams. If you think that circumstances outside school could affect your child’s performance in an exam, for example, family bereavement or illness, it is important that you let me or Mr Scott-Mullen know so we can apply special consideration rules.

 Revision Strategies and Study Skills

We are running some sessions on revision strategies and study skills in the run up to exams. At this stage in Year 11, and as a guideline for yourselves, we expect all students to revise for at least 2 hours each evening,

Parents Evening

We hope to see you all, virtually, at the Parent Consultation Evening on 10 January where you will get a chance to hear about progress and performance in individual subjects together with revision advice. 

Yours sincerely

Mat Grafton

Head of Year 11