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  • YEAR 11 - 08 April 2022 - Languages Speaking Exams


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    April 2022

    Dear Parents and Carers

    GCSE Speaking Exam

    As you know, the final exams for our Year 11 students are fast approaching, and one
    of your child’s earliest exams will be their GCSE Language (either French or Spanish)
    speaking exam. This will take place from 5th-9th May.

    Students will be notified in lessons of their exam appointment time and where to go
    on the day. Students leave their lessons for approximately 35 minutes and class
    teachers will also be notified.

    The speaking exam is worth 25% of your child’s final GCSE grade, and as such your
    support at home will be invaluable to help your child understand how vital it is for
    them to carefully prepare for this, as well as the importance of arriving on the day

    Students have been preparing for their speaking exam in lessons and as part of their
    homework. However, revision at home is also essential in order for your child to arrive
    at this exam fully prepared and able to do their best.

    There are 3 parts to this exam: a role play, a photo card and a conversation. Past
    papers are available on Teams for students for the role play and the photo card. In
    preparation for the conversation section, students have been given a list of possible
    questions that they might be asked and have been preparing answers for these.

    Effective revision for the speaking exam will consist of frequent timed practice of a
    role play and photo card task (12 minutes), followed up by students reading their
    answers aloud. If there were words they didn’t know, they can look them up at this
    stage and use this practice as an opportunity to ‘close the gap’ in their learning. To
    revise for the conversation section, students can practise listening to the questions
    and reading their answers aloud, first from the work they have prepared and then
    from memory. Your child should by now be doing some revision each day for their
    speaking exam.

    In addition to the speaking exam, there will be exams in listening, reading and
    writing. These will be listed on the exam timetable given to students. These exams are
    all worth 25% each of the final grade awarded. Students have been given a revision
    guide, a revision workbook and a revision list signposting them to further resources to
    help with their preparation for these exams. Please see the following page for further
    strategies and tips that will help students to prepare for their exams.

    If you have any questions about the exams or about how your child can best
    prepare for them, please do not hesitate to either contact your child’s MFL teacher
    or get in touch with me directly.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ms C Jones
    Head of Faculty Modern Foreign Languages cljones@orchard.tila.school