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YEAR 10 - Career's Drop Down Day


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Dear parents and carers

Year 10 Careers Drop Down Day – 8 July 2021 

As part of the Orchard School Careers Programme, we offer a series of activities throughout your child’s time with us to help them understand what careers they might be interested in, align with the aspirations they have and give them an understanding of what lies ahead of them in the future.

Even though we have been significantly disrupted this year we have still successfully supported a number of Year 10 students in completing a work experience placement, and I have had an information, advice and guidance meeting with each student to discuss their Post 16 options. To finish the year, we are holding a Careers Day on Thursday 8 July for all Year 10 students.

Activities will last all day Thursday and students will have the opportunity to take part in a range of careers activities to help them prepare for the world of work and Post 16 life, including: 

  • Meeting employees/speakers from a range of industries including public sector organisations and small businesses
  • Virtual employability skills workshop, including CV advice and interview skills, delivered by a professional careers consultant 
  • Financial skills workshop delivered by Barclays as part of a LifeSkills programme.  
  • Create a CV – considering personal skills and qualities.

As part of the ‘Create a CV’ session, students will have the opportunity to start writing a CV which they will be able to add to and adapt for future work and volunteering applications. 

As parents and carers, it would be fantastic if you could talk to your son/daughter and help them think what to put in their CV, which they will save online in their OneDrive. Your child may not have employment experience at this stage but the support you can give them in reflecting on their experiences to date, skills and qualities when they create a CV is a valuable and rewarding experience.  

Completing this process can also significantly support a student's confidence and self-esteem – especially when completing a CV with a family member or friend.  

If you would like any further resources to support your child in creating a CV then you can find them following the link below:


 We have a fantastic working relationship with our Enterprise Partner, who are happy to review CVs and give some feedback to students.  This is hugely valuable for students to know that their CV will be looked at by professionals.  The Enterprise Partner we have been linked with are professionals who work locally at the MoD (Ministry of Defence). 

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely 

 Rachel Thorne 

Careers, Employability and Post-16 Lead