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Orchard School Bristol

YEAR 10 - 29 September 2021Work Experience


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29 September 2021

Dear parents and carers

Orchard School Work Experience – 14th – 18 February 2022 

My name is Rachel Thorne and I am the Careers Lead at Orchard School Bristol. I am writing to you as I will be coordinating the Year 10 work experience week in term 3. 

Every Year 10 student is encouraged to secure work experience and the main aim is to help prepare students for the transition from school to work. It is important for employers to see that students are well- rounded individuals who have learnt experience directly from the workplace. Colleges and sixth forms now frequently request students to have completed a work experience placement, which is another reason why it is so important that this is secured. 

We understand that it will be more challenging than ever this year to secure a placement due to potential Covid restrictions, but we are keen to ensure that every Year 10 student is given this opportunity and we encourage them to aim high and be ambitious.  

Your child has been tasked to contact up to five employers and secure a placement by the end of term 2 with the necessary paperwork. This is so that we have enough time to carry out the required health and safety checks with the employer to ensure that your child is safe whilst on placement.  

Please could you support your child by encouraging them to phone and email their chosen employers. They can contact family and friends who may be able to offer them a placement and also look around for local employers in their area and look for them online. If they are using a family contact, please check that they have up to date employer liability insurance as this is a legal requirement. Your son/daughter’s tutor and I will also be supporting them to write letters, make phone calls and help with applications.  

If your child has had a placement confirmed by an employer, all that needs to be returned to me is the attached agreement and health declaration form. This needs to be signed by the employer, yourself and your child. This employer will then undergo a health and safety check to ensure the placement is safe and secure for the student.  

This week can be a great opportunity for your child to develop confidence, skills and gain experience for the future, so any help to secure work experience placements would be greatly appreciated. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please do feel free to contact me. 

Yours sincerely 

Rachel Thorne

Careers and Employability Lead