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  • YEAR 10 - 24 November 2023 - Year 10 Parent Subject Consultation Evening


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    November 2023


    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Year 10 Parents Evening

    You are invited to Year 10 Parents Subject Consultation Evening on Thursday 7th December at Orchard School. This is a face-to-face event where you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s education with their subject teachers. This is an excellent opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and receive personalised feedback on their academic studies.

    You will receive your child’s report and then meet teachers to identify what your child needs to be doing between now and their move into Year 11. Given the importance that they will be moving into their final year in school, and their GCSE exams, 100% attendance at this evening is expected from Year 10 students. We trust as parents/carers you will plan this into your diary to support them at this evening.


    The event consists of:

    A welcome pack with your appointment slip and your child’s most recent report.

    5-minute meetings with your child’s subject teachers to discuss current progress. These are timetabled and need to be booked in advance through the “Parents Evening System” (see below). In Year 10, we would like you to book an appointment with each member of staff who teaches them.

    For some individuals, additional appointments with Ms Pointing or Ms Sheppard may be advised to discuss pastoral concerns, SEND or Exams Access Arrangements.


    How to Book Parents Evening

    We will shortly be inviting you to book appointment times with your child’s teachers.   

    Bookings will need to be made by logging into https://orchard.schoolcloud.co.uk/ . Bookings open from Monday 27th November, 5pm.

    The information (name, email, students name) that you require to book using this system needs to be exactly the same as we hold for you at the school.

    If you cannot log on, it is possible that this information is not up to date, for example you may have changed your email address. Please contact the school either at info@orchard.tila.school or 0117 377 2000 as soon as possible to update your contact information. Any delays to this will mean you won’t be able to get your first choice of appointment times.

    Teachers are available between 4pm and 7pm. Please do get organised and book in your times early enough to get convenient spaces between teachers. Some of our staff teach more than one class in the year group so if you book late, you may find that appointment times are limited or not available.


    We look forward to welcoming you and your child to this very important evening.


    Yours sincerely,



    Khalid Naseem

    Head of Year 10