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  • YEAR 10 - 06 May 2022 - Prefect Opportunities


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    April 2022

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Prefect Opportunity for Year 10 Students

    We are delighted to be able to start recruiting our next student Prefects. and invite and encourage all Year 10 students to apply, as it is important we have a representative and diverse group of Prefects.

    We have had Prefects at Orchard School for a number of years as we believe it provides students with a fantastic leadership opportunity to represent themselves and the school and further their skillset. Prefects have been involved with many events and responsibilities in the past including talking to parents at Open Evenings, organising cake sale and other events in school, leading lunch time and after school clubs, supporting with our Student Council, and helping new Year 7s during transition. We are always interested in new ways that Prefects could help in school.

    To apply for the role, students should write a formal letter to the Headteacher, Mrs Hinchliffe, outlining why they want to be a Prefect, and any skills or experiences they have which would help them represent the school as a Prefect. In addition, applicants should also let us know what they would most like to be involved with as part of the Prefect role.

    The letter should be no more than 1 side of A4, font size 11. Please ask students to email the letter to the headteacher’s PA, Mrs Snell, esnell@orchard.tila.school no later than 16th May 2022.

    All shortlisted candidates will also be interviewed by members of staff to further discuss their application and ideas for the role. I enclose a model letter which can be used to help support students in the skill of formal letter writing.

    If students have any further questions about this process, please ask them to speak to their tutor, pastoral team or myself.

    We look forward to reading all the applications.

    Yours sincerely,

     Ms F Fields, Assistant Headteacher, ffields@orchard.tila.school