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Orchard School Bristol

  • 26 June 2024 - Letter to Parents


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    26 June 2024


    Dear Parents and Carers

    Thank you for your support of the school as we entered into lockdown due to the report of a single intruder being spotted on site in the car park (not in the school itself) near the end of the school day. We had no reports of them having been seen with a weapon and they did not approach the building. We entered lockdown quickly as a precautionary measure, because it was near the end of the school day, and contacted the police to confirm that the site was safe - we had had reports that the intruder had run away quickly, but we wanted to be extra sure before letting children leave, as I am sure you will understand. The safety of all of our Orchard children and staff is paramount to us.

    Ms Fields and I met with the police again this morning, to support their investigation. They have offered to patrol outside at the end of the school day, at our request, for the remainder of this week.

    We recognise that an event such as this one is stressful for you, but please can I remind parents and carers that in the case of lockdown, you should not attempt to enter the school site and should not call your children on mobile phones as this can bring additional risk to students and staff. We will always keep you updated throughout any actual incident, and let you know when it is safe for your child to leave the site.

    May I take the opportunity for the many e-mails we received today thanking us for the quality of communication, and follow up actions that we took. Your support, as a community, is really important to us and valued by us.

    If you need any further support for your child, please contact their Pastoral Manager in the first instance.

    Kind regards,

    Melanie Sweet, Headteacher