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Orchard School Bristol

  • 25 June 2024 - Letter to Parents


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    25 June 2024


    Dear Parents and Carers

    As you are aware, we received a report of a potential intruder on site near the end of the school day. As a safety precaution, we instigated our lockdown procedures as practiced throughout the year.

    Police arrived on site and confirmed no intruder was present, at which point we ended our lockdown procedure.

    We understand that this can be stressful to all involved, and we thank you also for working closely with us to ensure all students and staff are safe at all times.

    Please let us know via your child’s pastoral manager, if your child requires any support on returning to school tomorrow. We have staff on hand to support.

    We can assure you that the site is safe. The lockdown was a precautionary measure.

    Kind regards,

    Melanie Sweet