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Orchard School Bristol

19 November 2021 Letter to Parents


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19 November 2021

I hope you are managing to remain well at this time. We have had a good week at
school, culminating in a well-supported Anti-Bullying Day, which will be included in our
Term 2 Newsletter, due out shortly. This letter today includes information about Covid and

Masks in School

We are aware that numbers of Covid cases across our area are creeping up and this is
reflected in school too. As a result, we will be moving to the next phase in our
contingency plan and asking student and staff to wear masks in communal areas
(corridors, dining/assembly hall) for the next two weeks. Research shows that mask
wearing can cut transmission rates from between 25 – 50%, so this is a sensible precaution
to take. We will review after two weeks.

Please therefore can you remind your child to bring a mask into school on Monday.
Some spare masks will be available on Student Reception. If your child is exempt, then
please put a note in their planner and they can show this to their pastoral manager. This
is particularly important for Year 7, as it will be a new experience for them in secondary

Vaccinations – completing forms

Thank you for completing the vaccination forms. Please note that contrary to last week’s
letter, Sirona would like everyone to complete a form even if you do not consent. Sirona
will phone parents who have not completed a form on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
next week, just in case you didn’t pick up the details or just forgot to fill it in.

Vaccinations for children who have already had Covid

Public Health England have announced that there must be an interval of 12 weeks
between a positive PCR test and receiving the COVID vaccination. If this applies to any
of the students who have consented to the COVID vaccination, Sirona would like you to
email sirona.sch-imms@nhs.net putting “Orchard School Positive COVID test” as the
subject and let your children know that they are not to receive the COVID vaccination,
but they can still have the Flu vaccination.

I wish you all a happy and healthy weekend.

With best wishes

Julia Hinchliffe, Headteacher