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Orchard School Bristol

  • 08 April 2022 - Letter to Parents


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    April 2022

    Dear Parents and Carers

    I hope you have had a good week. We have reached the end of a long term, and it’s
    great to see more staff back in and a full school again! Our Year 9s had a wonderful
    residential to PGL, and we hope the activities they took part in, as well as the experience
    of being away from home with friends and school staff, is one that will stay in their
    memories for a long time.

    Headteacher’s Awards

    I had the joy of congratulating a few students from each year group for gaining
    Headteachers’ Awards. These are awarded once a term, for Exceptional Student
    Leadership, Home Learning or Contribution to an out of school activity. I am always
    incredibly proud of our children for being nominated. When children gain certificates,
    awards and commendations at school, they are demonstrating fantastic attitudes as
    young people in society, and leaders of the future. Year 10s are currently applying to be
    Prefects, with interviews next term, and we hope those gaining Headteachers’ Awards
    would look to apply when their turn comes.

    Covid Reminder

    A reminder of the updated guidance from 1 April 2022:
    • Adults with the symptoms of a respiratory infection, and who have a high
    temperature or feel unwell, should try to stay at home and avoid contact with
    other people until they feel well enough to resume normal activities and they no
    longer have a high temperature.

    • Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should
    stay at home and avoid contact with other people. They can go back to school,
    college or childcare when they no longer have a high temperature, and they are
    well enough to attend.

    • Adults with a positive Covid-19 test result should try to stay at home and avoid
    contact with other people for five days. For children and young people aged 18
    and under, the advice is three days.

    • Schools are being asked not to hand out any test kits to staff, pupils, or students unless
    advised by your local health protection team, local authority or director of public

    Uniform and Equipment

    A reminder that we are expecting perfect uniform and equipment after the holidays.
    Please note that jumpers are only worn under blazers when the weather is really cold.
    Now the weather is warming up, there is no need for jumpers, just blazers. Year 11 students
    will be permitted to wear their Leavers Hoodies over school uniform instead of a blazer.

    Our Pastoral Team would also like to remind parents that nose piercings are not part of
    school uniform. We are aware that over lockdown a number of students decided to get
    their nose pierced, which were then covered by face masks. Now that face masks are
    no longer being worn by the majority of students, the studs are more obvious. Students
    need to take them out before coming in to school.

    After the holidays children who arrive without school uniform or equipment will be sent
    home to change unless there has been an emergency and parents/carers have
    contacted their child’s Pastoral Manager or added a note in their child’s planner.

    We have been asked for reminders of equipment. All children must bring to school each

    - A rucksack, pencil case, planner and calculator

    - Pencil cases should include: 2 blue or black pens, a red pen, ruler, pencil, rubber,

    - For maths/science, students also need a protractor and set of compasses with mini

    - The scientific calculator is the Casio FX-83GT /85GT PLUS or Casio FX-83GTX / 85GTX ,
    which retails at around £11.99. Again, the Hardship Fund can provide help with this if

    Back in School

    Year 11 students have been invited for study time, additional tutoring and exam
    preparation over the first 4 days of the holiday. We know they will appreciate the
    teachers who are going in to help them maximise their GCSE results.

    We look forward to seeing all students back in school on Monday 25th April at 8.20am.

    In the meantime, I wish you all a lovely break.

    Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim community, and Happy Easter to our Christian

    With best wishes

    Julia Hinchliffe, Headteacher