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05 November 2021 Letter from Safeguarding Team


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05 November 2021

Dear Parent and Carer

Safeguarding Update

It is at this time of year that we like to send a safeguarding reminder to you, as the
evenings are getting darker and certain festivities are taking place in and around the
area, including Bonfire night.

We always give children advice to your children in school about their conduct in and
around the community, and how to keep safe. However, this is the time of year when
accidents happen more frequently, so we would appreciate it if you could also
remind your child how to stay safe when they are outside the home.

The points we remind children about are:

Road safety

Cross at pedestrian crossing points, don’t step out into the road or take short cuts,
especially when it’s dark.

When on bikes or scooters, make sure that you have working lights, wear cycle
helmets and ideally reflective clothing. You can get reflective tags or safety pendants
to put on backpacks, for example, which shine in street/car lights.

Personal safety

When students stay late at school, for example at a sports event or a detention, we
advise they arrange to walk home after dark with others wherever possible.

The parks in this area are where most concerning behaviour happens after dark. Walk
home carefully and in groups, and ideally avoid these parks after dark. If you observe
any concerning incidents, please report these directly to the police, so they can gain
a good picture of “contextual safeguarding”.

Firework Safety

Please remind your child about firework safety. We encourage children to enjoy
fireworks through a safe and secure organised firework display.
A couple of local events are listed below:

Community Firework Night at Lockleaze Sports Centre, Lockleaze
Friday 5 November 2021, Bonnington Walk, BRISTOL, BS7 9XF
Bradley Stoke Firework Display, Bradley Stoke

Sunday 7 November 2021, Savages Wood Road, Bradley Stoke, BRISTOL, BS32 8HL

Reporting incidents

If you have any concerns about the safety of any of our young people, please do
not hesitate to contact the Orchard Safeguarding team directly:
Year 7 - Ms Antigha – nantigha@orchard.tila.school
Year 8 – Miss Pointing - tpointing@orchard.tila.school
Year 9 – Ms Murphy-Piper – dpiper@orchard.tila.school
Year 10 – Mrs Furniss-Bhakerd – ebhakerd@orchard.tila.school
Year 11 – Mr Scott-Mullen – gscott-mullen@orchard.tila.school

If you prefer, you can report anonymously through the Whisper button on the

Take care and have a safe weekend.

Orchard Safeguarding Team