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  • 03 May 2024 - Letter to Parents


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    3 May 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    I hope that you and your families have had a lovely break.

    Key Dates for Term 5
    • Monday 6 May – Bank Holiday (no students in school)
    • Monday 29 April – GCSE Languages Speaking exams start
    • Thursday 9 May – GCSE Exams start
    • End of term – Friday 24 May at 3.00pm


    Year 11 attendance has been excellent this past week which is very pleasing with their GCSE exams starting soon. The standout forms whole school are 11D, 11W1, 11A2, 7W1 ,7W2 and 8D1. Please remember that if there are any issues or concerns getting students into school, you should speak to their Pastoral Manager or Head of Year as soon as possible. They are here to support.

    Key Stage 3 Updates

    We have had some great performances in the UK wide Junior Maths Challenge this year and received the results this week which show some fantastic performances from our students. Two students performed so well that they are through to the next round of this national competition. The successful students will be bringing home certificates within the next week.

    Key Stage 4 Updates

    Year 11 public examinations begin next week, 9 May, and we are excited to see them get the chance to show off everything they have been working towards. Speaking examinations in French, Spanish, English, and other languages spoken at home, have been excellently attempted on the whole – so thank you for any support you have given our students in that regard. Coursework-based subjects in ADT, Performing Arts and Sports and Health are reaching final deadlines, with Catering and Music already submitted.

    Please do look out for the daily emails, starting next Wednesday, with updates on the examinations for the following day.

    Year 10 summer mock examinations are in the planning, with Heads of Faculty finalising papers before issuing revision lists. Examinations will take place between 11 June and 2 July, ensuring there are no clashes with school trips or Eid celebrations.


    All schools in the UK have recently been sent information from the National Crime Agency, raising awareness of the recent rise in reporting of financially motivated sexual extortion (a type of online blackmail often known in the media as ‘sextortion’). Children and young people around the world are being targeted.

    This type of crime involves an adult offender (often from an organised crime group based overseas) threatening to release nude or semi-nude images and/or videos of a child or young person, unless they pay money, or meet another financial demand, such as purchasing a pre-paid gift card.

    Victims of any age and gender can be targets, however a large proportion of cases have involved male victims aged 14-18.
    A child or young person is never to blame if they have been a victim.
    Find out more about online blackmail here.

    Mental Health Survey

    Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey sent out as part of the NHS mental health support team’s audit into the mental health and wellbeing provision at Orchard School. Here is the link if you would like to have your say:
    Students will be sent their own survey next week via Teams. Staff have also been given their own survey to complete. Mental health and wellbeing is important to us at Orchard and the audit will be useful in ensuring our provision is the best it can be.

    Community Information

    The Noise is hosting two upcoming community events:
    Lockleaze Community Fun Event - Saturday 4th May - 12-3pm at St Marys and St James Church, Gainsborough Square. See here for more details.
    Afternoon Tea for Senior citizens - Sunday 5th May - 2-4pm at Ebenezer Church, Horfield. Places need to be booked in advance. See here for more details.

    Wishing you a restful weekend.

    Melanie Sweet, Headteacher