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Exam timetables

Exam timetables for each year group will be updated here.

Year 11  exam timetable

  • Term 5

Students have their usual timetable for the remainder of term 5 except for when they have exam preparation sessions or exams. This is all detailed week-by-week and lesson-by-lesson so that students know exactly where they need to be. If students are in lessons where they have completed their exams and assessment they are expected to take revision for another subject with them to the lesson. 

On mornings when there are exams students are welcome to come into school from 7.30, enter by the usual entrance near to the cafe and sign-in there. They can then attend pre-exam preparation sessions and get breakfast from the canteen if they wish.

On the last day of term 5, Year 11 will have their final assembly during period 5. There will be revision and exam preparation sessions running through the holiday week and this is detailed in the booklet too.

  • Term 6

There is a change to timetable as students will have completed exams in several of their subjects. Again, in the booklet there are details of every lesson, exam preparation session and exams. Students are expected to attend every session in which they are still due to sit exams. There will be times in the week where they can arrive later and leave earlier than the usual school day, they will be expected to sign-in and out at the school office if this is the case. 

If students don't have sessions to attend and need or want to stay in school to revise we will be using the canteen as a study hub for term 6. For students observing Ramadan during the exam period there is a prayer room provided in the CLC building. 

How students are assessed

 Assessment and Feedback to students

 Assessment of students’ progress at Orchard takes an holistic approach and is based on a variety of sources including classwork, homework, progress on quizzing platforms, responses to in-class questioning, end-of-unit tests and formal assessments.

Feedback can take a variety of forms, some of which are outlined here:

Immediate Feedback

The research shows that the most impactful feedback is at the point of action; that is, while teaching. This is ‘immediate feedback’. Immediate feedback can come in the following forms:

  • Verbal feedback in one-to-one dialogue between the teacher and student;
  • Verbal feedback to small groups or whole classes;
  • Dialogic, for example, using mini whiteboards;
  • Written feedback during the lesson;
  • Peer- or self- assessment during the lesson.

Verbal feedback might be recorded in books, but there is no requirement to do this.

Summative and Formative Feedback

Feedback that is made after teaching may be summative (that is, evaluating the success of an episode of learning) or formative (that is, informing future learning for both the teacher and students). This type of feedback is also at the professional discretion of the teachers. Summative and formative feedback can take the following forms:

  • Verbal feedback in one-to-one dialogue between the teacher and pupil, during the next lesson
  • Verbal feedback to small groups or whole classes, during the next lesson
  • Written in books for individuals
  • Written group-level feedback by theme/pattern of student response
  • Peer- or self- assessment, during the next lesson

Assessment and Reporting Dates 

  • 7 Jun 2021


    22 Jun 2021

    Year 7-10 End of year assessments
    Add Year 7-10 End of year assessments to your calendar

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