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Did you know that you can now order school uniform online? 

Parents will be able to order and purchase their child's school uniform online. Click here for our step-by-step guide on how to use the new system.


At Orchard School we believe that school uniform offers students the best opportunity to identify, be part of the school and to demonstrate their pride at being a student here.

The uniform policy attempts to reflect trends in school wear, and as such, is regularly reviewed to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the school, parents and students.  We believe that a uniform must be smart, easy to enforce and reflect credit on the school.  A smart uniform promotes the professional 'ready to work' ethic expected of all students.

All students are expected to conform to the requirements and can expect to be challenged by staff if they are not wearing the correct uniform.

We appreciate the support given by parents on this matter and hope that by working together we will create a smart and appropriate environment at Orchard School.

School Uniform


  • Black blazer with school logo on pocket to be worn at all times, only to be removed in class at teachers’ discretion
  • Plain long black trousers – straight legged suitable for the work place, no: tracksuit bottoms, leggings, ski pants, jeans or jean-type trousers, drain-pipes, cords or similar
  • Plain black pleated skirt – non clinging and of knee length
  • White shirt buttoned to the collar
  • Sensible black shoes which can be polished: all shoes should have a back on them (no trainers, canvas shoes, daps or boots)
  • House ties – formally tied to the collar
  • Black or grey socks
  • For girls black or natural tights
  • Headscarves to be plain dark blue or black


  • School jumper

**Students will be sent home if they arrive in incorrect uniform**

PE Kit


  • Blue shorts
  • White t-shirt with school logo
  • Blue socks
  • Training shoes
  • Towel


  • Tracksuit jacket with school logo
  • Tracksuit bottoms

Price list

Item Price
Blazer £29.79/£33.99
Tie £3.50
Jumper £18.70/£23.18/£23.41
PE t-shirt £6.00

Make-up and Jewellery

Jewellery should not be worn to school. Nail varnish is not permitted neither is make-up which can be noticed.  Staff reserve the right to ask students to remove make-up and jewellery that they consider to be inappropriate for school - for example lipstick, necklaces, bangles or excessive hair ornamentation.

Body piercing - For health and safety reasons, the school does not permit body piercing apart for one small (maximum of 5mm in diameter) stud or sleeper earring in each ear lobe.  Lip, nose and brow rings etc need to be removed in school as do other piercings.

Students who persist in wearing jewellery, other that that allowed, will have these items confiscated.  Parents will be asked to collect any confiscated items from reception.

The school takes no responsibility for jewellery which should not have been brought into school, and is subsequently lost or stolen.  However, once confiscated, the school and its staff are responsible for ensuring its safety.  See below for the full Uniform Policy

Mobile Phones and Valuables

Mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players are banned in school.

Mobile phones will be confiscated if seen in school.

  • If it is removed once it will be returned at the end of the school day
  • If it is removed twice it will be returned at the end of the following day
  • If it is removed three times it will be kept until the end of the school week.  Parents/Carers may be asked to come in to school to collect the phone.

The school cannot be held liable for theft or accidental damage of personal items or items of sentimental value. Should students use these items in the classroom the items will be removed for later collection. See below for mobile phone school rules.