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Our uniform code aims to:

  • Help students understand the importance of presenting themselves in a professional manner
  • Encourage students to wear their uniform with pride
  • Create a sense of belonging to the school community through a common dress code
  • Enable students to feel that they are a valued member of the school community irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion or socio-economic background

A high standard of personal appearance is expected. Uniform should be smart, clean and well maintained. All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

All pupils are expected to conform to the requirements and can expect to be challenged by staff if they are not wearing the correct uniform. Students must wear the correct uniform properly at all times. This includes to and from school, the playgrounds, corridors and classrooms.

Purchasing uniform/kit

All new uniform/kit is available from 28th May 2018.

No uniform can be purchased from the school – you can source it either online or by going to The Famous School Branches uniform shop in Henleaze (The Famous School Branches, 190 Henleaze Road, Bristol, BS9 4NE).

If there is any doubt about whether a particular item is acceptable, parents should check with the school before purchasing. 


You will need to set up an online account with The Famous School Branches.  The SWI account used in previous years will not be needed. Orders are usually available for collection from Famous School Branches within 2 working days.

For the school uniform and PE price list, click here

School Uniform


  • Black blazer with school logo on pocket to be worn at all times.  In hot weather, blazers can be removed at teachers’ discretion, but students should still carry their blazer with them.

  • Plain long black trousers – straight legged suitable for the work place.  No tracksuit bottoms, leggings, jeans or jean-type trousers, no skinny trousers. Trousers must be full length with no visible fashion zips / buttons.

  • Plain black pleated skirt – non clinging, not made of stretchy material.  Skirts should be knee length.

  • White shirt that can be buttoned up to the formal collar.  The shirt can be long sleeved or short sleeved – but no sleeveless / cap sleeves.

  • House tie – tied up to the collar.

  • Sensible black shoes which can be polished.  All shoes should have a back on them.  No trainers, canvas shoes, daps or boots; no heels; no sandals

  • Black or dark grey socks.

  • For girls black or natural tights.  In warmer weather, short white socks are permitted for girls.

  • Hijab/headscarves to be plain dark blue or black.  No other colour permitted.


  • School jumper can be worn under blazer

PE Kit

We are excited to launch our new sports kit from September 2018.  

The smart new kit combines Orchard’s black and white colours with higher performance material.  The new kit is more comfortable for sports, and easier to care for - you can wash and dry it overnight, and it looks smart with no ironing.

There will be a gradual change over to the new kit:

  • New Year 7s in September 2018 – will start with the new kit
  • Current Year 7 – 10s – can continue in their current kit, and replace with new kit as your child grows
  • By September 2020 – all students in new kit

Compulsory PE Kit

Boys Fit / Unisex

Female Fit  

Black polo shirt with Orchard School logo



Black shorts with Orchard School logo




Black and white Aptus coolmax sports socks




Strongly recommended: Black Zip training top with Orchard School logo



Strongly recommended: Base layers


Please note all base layers should be plain black, with no design and no logo on them.

Plain black base layers (tops) can be worn under the polo shirt, and are available from sports outlets.

If boys wish to wear black thermal base layer ‘skins’  under their shorts, these are optional, and are available from sports outlets.  Jogging bottoms are not acceptable PE kit.

Girls can wear plain black base layer tops under their polo shirt.  Female sports leggings are available from our supplier (shop/website).  Please note that fashion leggings/jogging bottoms are not acceptable PE kit.

Compulsory items for PE also include:

  • Mouth guard and shin pads (for football, hockey and other contact sports)

  • Sports trainers

  • Football/rugby boots – moulded or bladed boots are recommended as these can be worn on the astro pitch too.

Other items

  • Outdoor coat, hats and scarves – These may be worn outside but not inside the school building or during lessons. They must be removed on entry to the building. There is no uniform coat, but students should wear a 'proper' coat that is large enough so blazers can be worn under the coat. Coats, hats and scarves should be kept in lockers during the day or in student bags.
  • Bags – Students must have a ‘rucksack’-style bag which is large enough and strong enough for A4 files, books, and an outdoor coat, if required. Handbags are not appropriate for school.
  • Jewellery – The only jewellery permitted in school is one earring in each ear (stud or sleeper), one plain ring, school badges and a watch. Necklaces and bracelets should not be worn. Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated.
  • Body piercing – For health and safety reasons, the school does NOT permit body piercing, apart from one small stud or sleeper earring per ear. Any other form of body piercing is not allowed. Lip, nose and brow rings need to be removed in school as do extensive ear or other piercings. Students should refrain from getting fresh piercings until the start of the six-week summer holiday. All piercings, including fresh ones, will have to be removed for PE lessons. If students choose to get fresh piercings then they must practise taking them in and out, so when it comes to PE there are no concerns. Students must remove all personal effects (including piercings) for every practical PE lesson for health and safety reasons.
  • Hair Styles – Must be neat and tidy, avoiding extremes of fashion. Hair should be natural colour and students should avoid hair dyes or weaves which are bright or unnatural. Hair accessories (including bands and beads) must be plain, preferably black, and of moderate size – they should not stand out.
  • Make-Up – very light, subtle make up is permitted. Staff reserve the right to ask student to remove make up which is excessive and noticeable, at their discretion.
  • Nail varnish – False nails (acrylic or gel) and nail polish are not permitted. Teachers reserve the right to ask students to remove nail varnish/false nails at their discretion.
  • Mobile phones – Mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players and other electronic media items are not permitted in school. If seen (whether or not in use), the item will be confiscated by the member of staff and kept securely at Reception. Students can collect the item at the end of the day on the first occasion, however for the second/subsequent occasions, a parent/carer will be asked to come in and collect it.

Adherence to the uniform code

Students are expected to attend school in the correct uniform. If for any reason a student cannot be in the correct uniform, parents / carers should write a note explaining the reason and when the uniform will be rectified. Students will be given a single pass per term, and where possible, will be provided with uniform to borrow for that day.

If a student arrives at school with incorrect uniform and no reason, then they may be sent home to change, and parents will be contacted.

Students who persist in wearing items that are not allowed, or students who will not remove items, will be deemed not ready to learn and their parent/carer will be contacted. Regular wearing of non-uniform items will be treated as defiance and could lead to exclusion.

The school cannot be held liable for theft or accidental damage of personal items or items of sentimental value. The school takes no responsibility for items which should not have been brought into school, and are  subsequently lost or stolen. However, once confiscated, the school and its staff are responsible for ensuring its safety.

We appreciate the support given by parents in adhering to the uniform code. We hope that by working together, we will create a smart and appropriate environment at Orchard School.