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Since September, a big change has been taking place at Orchard School Bristol.

We have introduced Ready to Learn (RTL) - a new focus on ensuring EVERY child has the right to learn without disruption.

We wanted to protect valuable learning time and ensure students stayed focused in the classroom. For this, we needed a strong approach to managing behaviour.

In this new system, we:

  • Eliminate disruptive behaviour
  • Ensure that students understand acceptable behaviour
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their actions;
  • And enable staff to deliver engaging, creative and enjoyable lessons

Students are required to follow four simple rules - when these are followed, everyone has the best chance possible to learn:

1. Follow instructions promptly
2. Remain on task
3. Listen when others are speaking
4. Speak appropriately

If students do not follow one of the four rules, firstly a warning is given by the classroom teacher.

Should the disruptive behaviour continue, the student is removed from their classroom to spend a full school day in the RTL room. Here, the student is provided with appropriate work, and parents or carers are informed.

The RTL room runs for an hour after the end of the school day, meaning any student sent there needs to remain in school until 4pm. And break times are cut for those students.

If the student refuses to go to RTL or continues to misbehave, the student receives a one day Fixed Term Exclusion, and the student - together with parents/carers - needs to attend a reintegration meeting before starting back at school.

Students also absent on a day when they are scheduled to be in the RTL room have to complete the sanction when they return.

Our Inclusion team take into account students who may have special educational needs or disabilities.

You can hear from our students about the success of the new system, here

Our behaviour policy, which includes information about exclusions, can be found here