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Uganda 2015

Published on 13/03/15

Orchard teachers, Alice Hinks and Kate Fiddian, visited a Ugandan village last month to work with youngsters from the local secondary school. 

They stayed at the Kinyara Sugar Plantation and spent a week in Orchard's partner school, Kinyara Secondary School.

Whilst there, Ms Hinks and Ms Fiddian observed teaching, met pupils and staff, as well as members of the local community. The pair also delivered some training to teachers and taught a science lesson to almost 100 students.

Orchard has maintained a link with the secondary school, near Massindi in North West Uganda, for several years. In return, Orchard will be hosting two teachers from Uganda in April.

Before leaving for Uganda, pupils at Orchard suggested their favourite books which the two teachers took with them for the Kinyara children. 

Orchard pupils also wrote letters which Ms Hinks and Ms Fiddian gave to students.

Ms Hinks said: "They absolutely loved their gifts and thoroughly enjoyed reading in groups and to us."

Another activity which they led was food tasting, offering pupils at Kinyara a chance to try things from Marmite to Haribo. A similar activity will be run with some of the treats Ms Hinks and Ms Fiddian brought back from Uganda during the enrichment sessions, beginning after the Easter holidays.

Besides teaching in the school, the pair engaged with the local community, as well as partook on a trip down the River Nile where they saw hippos, elephants and crocodiles.

Ms Hinks added: "The pupils at Kinyara Secondary School are an integral part of the day to day running of the school.  They lead assemblies, clean classrooms, support pupils when they are upset or finding school a bit difficult.  

"The school has four houses, like we do at OSB. Each house has two students who are leaders for the pupils within them.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and learning about the different tasks they complete at school. 

"We felt very lucky to have the opportunity to visit Kinyara Secondary School, the staff and wonderful pupils. We are very excited to maintain a strong link between the two schools and welcome any students who would like to be a part of this to join the lesson 6 option which will start in term 5."

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