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House awards assemblies

Published on 07/04/17

Brilliant behaviour and excellent attendance were celebrated across our four houses - Ricart, Dunmore, Dirac and Pethick - at our end of term awards assemblies.

Certificates and prizes were handed out to individuals who have demonstrated good behaviour, a positive attitude to learning and high attendance. 

Awards were also handed out to tutor groups with the highest attendance, the best behaviour (the tutor group with the least 3s and 4s as part of the Ready to Learn system), and the highest Ready to Learn awards (the tutor group with the most 1s). 

1s are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional behaviour in class. Those who have been warned for disruptive behaviour receive a 3, and those who are consistently disruptive receive a 4 and are removed from the classroom. 

Heads of houses and pastoral managers also each nominated students who they felt had stood out this term. 

You can view the photos taken from each assembly by clicking on the relevant house below: