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BBC School Report

Published on 02/03/15

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Students from Orchard School made news for real in March as they took part in BBC News School Report again. 

Student articles:

Rhino poaching at its highest figures

Since 2008, the amount of rhinos that have been killed has gone up astonishingly high. More and more poachers are looking for money in the black market, so they kill rhinos for their horns.

There have been many shocking numbers that involve rhinos and their killings. One of these is that since 2008, 1300 rhinos have been killed for their horns. Many poachers have grown to be the murderers of these innocent animals. Figures have shown that there have been more killings in 2013 than 2012, which shows that there are more poachers then the year before. These have all been happening in the continent of Africa. In 2013 alone 688 rhinos were killed. Overall there are 30000 rhinos left in the wild.   

On the other hand South Africa, which has 79% of rhinos, has seen a fall in poaching. This is down to better law enforcement and poachers arrest.Overall the amount of white rhinos are low but stable. Luckily, the black rhino population has gone up but only slightly.

Many teachers from OSB think that it is wrong. One stated ‘It’s not right, they are just as valuable as we are.’

Our assistant head, Mr Coxon, said ‘These animals are powerful and amazing, killing them is wrong. I think that killing them is wrong.’

Another view on this is from Miss Williams she stated ‘I think it’s awful that they don’t realise they are killing a species and it should end.’ Miss Howell stated it’s terrible they should leave them alone it is stupid how they kill them for their horns.’

Isabella, a year 7 student, stated ‘I think that they are being ignorant and won’t see the harm until it’s done.’

This just comes to show how important these animals are and why they don’t deserve to die.                                                                                                    

Space...It’s not what it seems

Are vegetables able to be farmed and are they edible in space?

On the 9th of March 2016, a group of researchers in the Netherlands, successfully managed to grow tomatoes, peas and radish as well as other vegetables.They used dirt/soil supplied by NASA which was taken from a Hawaiian volcano that was thought to be very similar to mars soil. Additionally, they ran this test to discover whether humans can live on mars.

However, no one tested whether you could eat them due to the fact that they have a chance of being infected by mercury and arsenic.

British astronaut, Tim Peake, is today marking  the halfway point of his 6 month mission in space. He has spent more than 12 weeks orbiting the earth on board the international space station and is due to arrive back home on the 5th of June. Nasa astronaut, Don Thomas, talks about Tim Peak’s space life. He states ‘Major Tim has made most of his time in space conjugating experiments, performing a spacewalk and finding time for fun’.

Did you know 1 million planets can roughly fit inside of the sun? Furthermore, dirty underwear and toilet paper  can help plants grow in space.The lower gravity, lower light levels , different atmosphere and nutrient cycling, soil on the red planet would make it difficult for earth's adapted plants to survive without assistance.

Looking into the future, there is a high chance that as technology advances, they might be able to decontaminate the disease and make the food edible. Do you think that they will be capable?

Written by Conrad, Alfie, Daniel, Callum and Harry from Orchard School Bristol.     

Who Are The Top Pops?

Here we are with the official top 30 songs in the pop charts. We  interviewed Mr Flitter, Miss Mcgillicuddy, Miss Wood, Miss Ede and several year 7 students to find out what they thought about the latest pop songs.

1.Lukas Graham-7 Years

‘It is a good song.’ One Year 7 stated.

2.Rihanna-Work (feat.Drake)

‘It is a good song.’’ One year 7 said.

3.Mike Posner-In Ibiza (SeeB remix)

‘It is a great song!” A Year 7 student answered.

4.Zara Larsson-Lush Life

‘It’s OK.’ A Year 7 stated.

5.Jonas Blue-Fast Car

’Tracey Chapman is a distinguished artist who i have a lot of respect for. Her version of Fast Car is one of the most beautiful pieces of music i have ever heard. however Jonas Blue’s version backed with pop beats is a disgrace.’ States an angry Miss Wood.

6.Zayn Pillowtalk

’I find Zayn a little bit of an idiot and also find him non loyal because he left One Direction just like that’ says a Year 7 boy.

7.Coldplay-Hymn For The Weekend (feat. Beyonce)

’I think it’s a good song but it’s got of a bit of a weird atmosphere to it almost as if you’re getting hypnotised.’stated a Year 7 girl.

8.Justin Bieber Love Yourself

‘I’ve got one thing to say.Love yourself is a very passionate song and i think you should listen to the lyrics carefully ‘cause i think they will help you through life.’ states Archie.

9.Adele When We Were Young

‘It’s a good song.’ states a year 7 girl.

10.Shawn Mendes-Stitches

‘It’s alright. It’s just overplayed.’ states a Year 7 student.

11.Justin Bieber-Sorry

‘Justin Bieber is a bad singer.’ says a Year 7.

12.Little Mix-Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)

‘It’s a good song.It’s very hip-hoppy.’ states Archie.

13.Riton-Rinse And Repeat(feat. kah-lo)

‘Rubbish!’Ellouise states.

14.Major Lazer-Light It Up (Feat. Fuse ODG & Nyla)

‘My ears were grossly offended.’states Mr Flitter.

15.Tinie Tempah-Girls Like (feat. Zara Larsson)

‘It sounds like a bland stereotypical representation of gender relations, vacuous bubble gum chaff. No thank you.’ states Miss McGillycuddy.

16.Snakehips-All My Friends (feat. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper)

‘Terrible!’ says a student at OSB.

17.Twenty One Pilots-Stressed Out

‘Such a good song! It’s so catchy!’ answers a young man.

18.Coldplay-Adventure Of A Lifetime

‘Nice Song.’ States a girl in year 7.

19.Justin Bieber-What Do You Mean?

‘It’s a good song and I think it was played a bit too much but it’s still a good song.’ states a student.

20.Jason Derulo-Get Ugly

‘A great song!’’ states a teacher at OSB.

21.One Direction-History

‘Very dramatic and meaningful last song.’ Stated a directioner.


‘This song has a lot of feelings and emotions in it.’ States an 8 Year old girl.

23.Fifth Harmony-Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

‘A very upbeat song. It is ok.’ States a young boy called Ben.

24.The 1975-The Sound

‘This band has great vocals.’ says a girl at OSB.

25.G-eazy x Bebe Rexha-Me,Myself and I

‘This song is very selfish.It’s just me, myself and I! Why would you say that!’’ Says a G-eazy x Bebe Rexha hater.

26.Craig David X Big Narstie-When The Bassline Drops

‘I don’t like it.’ States a young girl from Bristol.

27.99 Souls-The Girl Is Mine (feat. Destiny’s Child & Brandy)

‘I love this song!’ States a girl from OSB.

28.Charlie Puth-One Call Away

‘This song has a lot of meaning to it.’ States a Charlie Puth fan.

29.Zara Larsson and MNEK-Never Forget You

‘This is my favourite song EVER!’ States a fan of Zara Larsson.

30.Ellie Goulding-Army

‘This a great song.’ states an 8 year old girl.

So as you can see, pupils and teachers at OSB have lots of different opinions on this week’s music!

By Lana from Orchard School Bristol.


Tax: Does it lead to poverty?

Tax is something you use to pay all your bills in your house. If you do not pay your bills the government will take your property or start taking privileges such as jobs and your bank account. Some people can be unfair by taking all your money and only giving you a small amount of how much he or she owns you.

For room tax if your live alone and you have around more than two rooms you have to pay for them however for the parents whose children have grown up and moved house they have to pay extra for no  reason. This can lead to poverty and very poor conditions in their household.

Mr Flitter told us that paying your taxes was a ‘good thing because if you had to pay to call the police then poor and homeless people would never  be able to call them’.

Moving on from this, poverty is increasing in the UK. In the UK many people go into poverty because of landlords cheating money for their own needs however they do not realise that the money that they are taking from the people are the money for their food, clothes and bill.

Did you know that you can earn up to ten thousand pounds without paying tax? If you don’t pay tax this can lead to bad poverty and scams in the future. The government can take away your property if this carries on. Some people think that the government is selfish but other men and women disagree. Here are some reasons why, the government can go over his budget which can mean overpaid taxes. Sadly many people have gone from rich and happy to sad and have gone into poverty because of taxes increasing too much in price.

 The main taxes that the government earns more than 1 million pounds are households, properties, business and employments.                   

In the past years few the amounts you had to pay for your taxes has increased. Is poverty ruining your life or is it helping you?

By Lexus, Jake, Lemuel, Theo, Nathan,Aaron

Tag has been Banned all over the U.K!!!

Primary school banned tag claiming some children have become upset during the traditional break time game. Children are only allowed to play air tag instead and those who are caught physically touching are disciplined and kept inside.

A  45 year old parent, whose ten-year-old son goes to the school, said: ‘They have been told not to have any contact in the school grounds. My son plays rugby so he is used to the contact, so it’s a bit bewildering to be honest. It’s ridiculous isn’t it?’

A delivery driver, said his son enjoyed ‘rough and tumble’ with his friends at break but has had to stop. He used to do usual playground stuff and now it has been knocked on the head. The world’s gone crazy, kids can’t do anything these days. The whole place is going bonkers,’ he said.

A parent who used to work at the school as a playground supervisor, said she was told to stop children playing tag about a year ago as it was 'causing arguments'.

She said: 'If we saw them playing tag, we had to go over to them and ask them to stop and find something else to play.’

One parent stated 'I was very shocked, it is a natural game for children and the children themselves weren't very happy about it.'

Alternative play zones were created.

Her son said he had been disciplined for playing the game and kept inside at break time.  

A child at the school added: 'They've been letting us play "air tag", but I don't like the fact we can't play proper tag.' One of the teachers has said that ‘we have band it because some children have gone home with torn clothes and stopped it temporarily because our playground is too small.’  They have also stated that ‘once the weather is better they can play tag once the bigger field is in use.’

One of the school rules keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Mia from Orchard School Bristol is of the opinion that it is that it is a bit silly because it will cause more arguments and disagreements.

In Mr Coxon’s opinion he thinks that this game is old fashioned game and used to be called tig when he was a little boy.

In our own opinion we think that it is unfair for children and will cause more arguments than the original game tag or tig.

Some other opinions:

Miss Spencer, another teacher at OSB, said ‘Air tag can cause many arguments and lead to fall-outs over whether or not they were tagged. Also they should just find another solution because kids need to learn how to play rough.


£30.000 given to charity by normal man!

On 9th March 2016, an ordinary man donated £30.000 to charity. The story behind it is even better. He had just moved into a new apartment and was exploring it. When he looked in the fireplace, he found the money. He decided to donate all of it to charity.

We interviewed many different people about what they would do and their answers were very different. One teacher said ‘I would give it to the less fortunate so they will have a better life. It isn’t our money so we shouldn’t be able to keep it for ourselves.’ Another stated ‘I would give most of it to charity but keep some to ourselves.’ Our assistant head teacher said ‘I would probably give it in.’

So as you can see, many people would donate most of the money to charity.


NHS on 2 day strike

Mr Butcher’s opinion on this is that is fair because he would rather have a safe doctor that isn’t tired than a tired and dangerous doctor. But he disagrees as well because what if a patient was seriously ill and needed operation on one of those days.

Dr Holman’s opinion is that it is sad to be on strike but if they really need it then do what is best for them. Also she wants to have excellent care 24/7. She also wants this to be a benefit for everyone.

Eleanor and Tammie went off to interview one of our school cleaners. His opinion was that ‘with them leaving then this can leave patients vulnerable and weak’

Tammie and Katie interviewed their Head of House and he stated’ Even though it can harm patients, I guess that they have to do what is the best for them’


David Cameron is Violating Human Rights

Demolition teams have moved into France to break down more shelters in the

Migrant camp which is known as the ‘‘JUNGLE’’. This is because not so long ago David Cameron admitted that migration is too high. The latest figures showed over 300,000 more people coming in than leaving.

There have been many ‘jungle’ camps since 2002 to 2016 where migrants set up camps on unoccupied land. They then move to other places after the French authorities move them out. They demolish the places leaving many even more homeless. They think they are helping however they are actually making the streets and towns more cramped and less spacious.

We interviewed some teachers and they all came out with similar opinions. One of our music teachers simply stated the following ‘I disagree as these are innocent people without a home’. They are spending money on bombs and planes leaving poorer families to suffer with illnesses and homelessness. If they are going to destroy people’s homes, at least make sure that they have another place to live in’.

However, an art teacher stated ‘Yes, I agree as their housing is yet to meet the expectations of a healthy area.’

One of our science teachers stated ‘This is horrible! It’s a violation of human rights.’

As you can see, there are many different opinions. What would you say?