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Published on 06/04/18

By Abu Jama, Mading Ajang & Amadou Bah.

The number of homeless people in Bristol is on the rise. Council workers have found 86 rough sleeper in Bristol for their annual council 2016.

Three days ago fire destroys a homeless person tent in Bristol parked near M32. The victim only was able to retrieve a sleeping bag and a book from the burning tent.

What do you do when you see homeless person?

We have asked two of our fellow students and they have told us what they think of the topic. Twelve year old Tianna said: "Give them money” and also twelve year old Ben said: "If i have spare change I would give it to them but I would rather give them food than money so they don’t spend it on other things."

Mayhee said: "Give them food instead of money” 

Anika: "Give them money”

Stella: "I want to do something but I can't”

Callum: "I just ignore them”

Beth: "If my mum lets me, I would give them money”

Fortune: "I think that we should do a lot more than we are now”

Do you agree or disagree? WHAT DO YOU THINK ... Should they be ignored or helped?