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Bristol and litter issues

Published on 06/04/18

By Beth Martin & Stella Kasonga

British litter is said to be one of the worst issues in Europe. Approximately £1 billion pounds is spent by councils per year tackling this problem. Did you know – bin men earn £45,000 a year removing rubbish?

In a school interview, we asked a student about how they felt about people not throwing litter in the bin. The student responded by saying: “I feel that it is terrible because people sorting out litter would have to separate it by hand.”

Fortunately, some schools in Bristol are controlling levels of rubbish using the Eco-schools programme.

The Eco-schools programme is run throughout the UK and it helps primary and secondary schools in becoming more sustainable.

It involves nine key topics: water, biodiversity, energy, global perspectives, healthy living, litter, school grounds, transport and waste. Schools with serious issues concerning rubbish can lead to complaints from local residents and businesses and can be demoralising for staff and pupils attending the school. It can also be dangerous due to broken glass.

An English teacher working at Orchard School stated that he was annoyed by the fact that there was trash on the floor. School should be a place that we feel happy in – we need to respect it, and binning our rubbish is a simple step towards helping.

Well, it is possible for an individual to send a school to court for having litter on their grounds. All schools are responsible for having their floors cleaned. The school could be fined up to £2,500 for not doing so.