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What's it all about?

At OSB we aim to help students develop valuable speaking and listening skills that can be used in a variety of career roles. As Drama involves devising performances in groups, students will develop positive relationships with peers and the ability to listen, empathize and negotiate.

At GCSE, Students can play to their own strengths and take part either as an actor or a stage designer. Furthermore, as Drama is about using your voice and body to communicate it is an extremely creative subject that allows students to engender a deep sense of self esteem.

Fundamentally this is a practical subject but students are also encouraged to reflect by considering their own work and critique professional performances.

You can see what topics are studied in Drama across each year group below:

Year Curriculum content summary
7 Introduction to Drama: Greek theatre and theatrical techniques
Devising drama: a piece based on the stimulas of 'The Haunted House' (physical theatre, soundscaping, freeze frame)
Performing a pre 1900 text: Shakespeare
Devising drama: Creating a Pantomime
Performing a post 1900 text: TBC
8 Devising Drama: Conflict (stage combat)
Performing a pre 1900 text: TBC
Devising Drama: Mask and Puppetry
Performing a post 1900 text: TBC
Devising Drama: Theatre in Education
9 Introduction to Drama (note: this year group will be taking the subject for the first time)
Greek Theatre
Creating a character
Performance from a text ('The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne)
Exploring influencial practitioners (Brecht and Stanislavski).
10 Renaissance Theatre
Melodrama and romanticism
Epic Theatre and Expressionism
Contemporary Theatre (Blood Brothers by Willy Russell)
Theatre of the Avant-Garde
11 Unit 1: Devised performance
Unit 2: Performance from a text
Unit 3: Set text exploration and exam preparation