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It is essential that your child is in school everyday by 8.30am for lesson 1.  

Should your child be absent for any reason please make sure that you contact us on 0117 3772021.  This is a 24 hour answer phone: call at anytime day or night.

  • One day off is 5 hours of lost learning
  • 90% attendance = 4 weeks off school = 20 days = 100 lessons
  • 10 weeks off by Year 11 means at least one grade lost at GCSE

Medical and Dental Appointments

Parents are encouraged to make medical and dental appointments out of school time whenever possible.  Students are expected to attend school before and after appointments if they are during the school day.  A doctor's note may be required for absences in excess of 5 days.  Copies of doctor's/specialist's letter will be kept on the school file.

The school nurse can be contacted via reception for any health concerns.


The cost to your child' education:

  • 5 minutes late every day = 3 days lost in a year
  • 10 minutes late every day = 6.5 days lost in a year
  • 15 minutes late every day = 10 days lost in a year
  • 20 minutes late every day = 13 days lost in a year
  • 30 minutes late every day  = 19 days lost in a year


Holidays during term time are not allowed and cannot be authorised.  Families may request leave in exceptional circumstances.

Penalty Notices

We have adopted a policy to make use of penalty notices to help raise our attendance levels.

The policy states: Penalty notices (£60 fine per child per parent) may be issued when:

  • A student has between 8-20 unauthorised absences in a 10 week period. 8 unauthorised absences = 4 days.  20 unauthorised absences = 10 days
  • A student has between 4-10 days holiday


We also reward students with excellent attendance, the House teams arrange reward trips which may include: bowling, ice skating, lazer-quest or a trip to a theme park.

Viivos: 10 Vivos are awarded for 100% attendance each week plus 70 Vivos for 100% over a term.